Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Played Ragnarok Online

Beve made me install Ragnarok Online (RO) yesterday night. Ok fine, she didn't actually make me. I just thought it would be fun to try out this game and maybe even own her for once since we all know, girls can never beat guys in ANY pc games! Well.. let's just say I have shamed all male gamers out there yesterday night:

(Part 1: Ben is introduced to the harsh reality of RO)
Ben: Let's do this!
Beve: Follow me into the portal.
Ben: Ok! ROAR!

(Ben warps into portal. Immediately gets killed by a scorpion.)

Ben: What the hell?! The damn scorpion killed me!
Beve: Well, some creatures attack without being provoked. They do that.
Ben: But I haven't even gained a single experience point! The scorpion is a bully!
Beve: Quit being a girl and come back here.
Ben: Is the scorpion gone?
Beve: Nope. It's all over the map.
Ben: What?!

(Part 2: Ben levels his character up)
Beve: Ok. All you have to do is hit the eggs to gain experience points. Do NOT hit anything else.
Ben: What? That's so boring!

(While hitting eggs, Ben sees an ant. He attacks it. The ant kills Ben with one blow.)

Beve: ...
Ben: The ant killed me.
Beve: I told you to just hit the eggs!
Ben: It was an ant! I squish them without effort in real life!
Beve: It's RO.

(Part 3: Ben -tries- to fight for real)
Beve: Ok I think your level is high enough now. Let's go to the Toy Factory.
Ben: Haha! That place sounds so gay. This is gonna be a piece of cake.
Beve: Ok. Go go kill!
Ben: Uaaaaargggh!

(Ben sees a clown and attacks it. The clown kills Ben with one blow.)

Beve: You died again? What is wrong with you?
Ben: I thought you said my level was high enough?! A clown just killed me with one blow!
Beve: Come back here and find something easier to attack instead.
Ben: Fine.

(Ben sees a floating box. He attacks it. The box kills Ben with one blow.)

Beve: What happened?
Ben: A box killed me!
Beve: That is funny.
Ben: That is NOT funny!
Beve: I suggest you go back to hitting eggs.
Ben: I'm already there.
Beve: Ahahahahaha!
Ben: I hate this game.

Character Deaths (that night):
Ben: 8
Beve: 0


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