Friday, March 16, 2007

We Are So Cheap

(Four of us at McD)
Adrian: I can't believe nobody here bought a drink.
CK: A cup of Coke in McD costs RM3.00 whereas it only costs RM1.20 at a vending machine.
Adrian: But RM3.00 in McD is for a large cup.
CK: A large cup is equivalent to one and a half can of Coke which adds up to RM1.80. It's still expensive.
Ben: You are so cheap.

(The waiter, an Indian lady in her late 40s, walks by carrying the refill jug)

CK: Hey, refill refill! (Points to Kim's empty McFlurry cup)
Waiter: (Chuckles) I can't pour into that.
CK: Yes you can~
Waiter: But it's dirty.
CK: So get a new cup and pour into it. Heheh.
Waiter: Oh.. (smiles) ok.

(The waiter walks away and returns shortly with an empty cup)

Waiter: (Pours into the cup) Don't tell anyone, ok?
CK: We won't. Hihihi~
Waiter: Hihihi~ (walks away)
Ben: You just flirted with an old lady for a free cup of Coke.
CK: No, I didn't.
Ben: You giggled.
CK: Ok so I did. Just be quiet and drink the free Coke.
Ben: You are so cheap.
CK: *places the cup of Coke in front of Ben*
Ben: *sips*
CK: ...
Ben: I feel so cheap.



You liar! McD doesn't serve Pepsi! They only serve Coke!


jason: there i corrected it :D

The sky

Ha ha funny..


*checks ben, ck and adrian tag price*



Who ever said there's an age limit for flirting??? CK is just being smart.

bubbly soda

lol! sometimes flirting is just the best solution to business...


wahhaha, Yea.. so cheap.. akakka

how much? i think i can afford


the sky: thanks.

pinksterz: we're cheap but not for sale! ... how much you wanna pay?

qiwei: and cheap.

bubbly soda: sex sells. i very the believe in it.

cely: i think if u come here and spend us makan, we will surely build effigies and monuments to worship you.

Cen Ni

so cely, let's check our schedule and play to pay Ben a visit. Oh wow. Effigies and monuments. Hard to resist la Ben. :P


Woah! I wont hesitate to flirt too to get a free cup of coke!


ck here
hey, ben!!
i wan to kill u!!
spoil my image again..!
CHU MAI fren!!
any leng lui interest on me, say a price..
jkidding, hehehe..


Wah Ben, someone's become hot property eh? ;)

Wan Yean

indian lady = waitress, not waiter.

Hui Sen

Dood.... you weren't supposed to tell anybody!

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