Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Internet Addicts

Yesterday was Adrian's birthday. The plan (as usual) was to present him his cake and then torture him at the stroke of midnight. But on 11.30pm, the internet connection at home died. Now this happened a few times before and what we usually do is restart the router. Unfortunately, after restarting the router for the 100th time and realising that there could be a problem with our ISP, we all just sat in front of our computers and quietly stared at the screens. Yes folks. We were mourning.

CK couldn't level up his MMORPG character, Kim and Normie wanted so badly to play DOTA and me, I just wanted to chat on MSN! Realising that there's nothing we could possibly do besides -gasp- studying, we all decided to celebrate Adrian's birthday early:

(Everyone gathered outside Adrian's room)
Ben: Ok the cake is lit. Shut the lights. You guys got the 'items'?
Normie: Nylon rope.
Kim: Rotten eggs.
CK: Candle wax.
Everyone: Muahahahaha!!

(Opens Adrian's door)

Everyone: (Sings) Happy birthday to..
Adrian: Hey guys! The internet is working again!
Everyone: REALLY?! YAY!!
Adrian: What's this? Oh you guys remembered my birthday!
Everyone: ...
Adrian: Well go on, sing.
Normie: Just shut the fuck up and blow the damn candles. I wanna play DOTA!
Ben: Yeah the world doesn't revolve around you, you know. I have a life on MSN too, gotta log in NOW!
CK: I am so close to level 23! Oh, here's the stuff (hands Adrian the items) Go torture yourself.
Everyone: *Speeds back into our respective rooms and slams the door shut*

And that's us without just 10 minutes of internet.

Side Note: Sorry Christal, I couldn't do your tag for personal reasons :D


Cen Ni

well, at least *cough* Adrian didn't get tortured by you all. It's a good sign...Who knows the 10 minutes internet blackout is his plan :P

Ben, hv you ever gone for a vacation, to a place where there is no internet connection? because it is vacation right, and you're supposed to relax and enjoy the nature...



well, the least i can say is i am sure adrian did enjoy hid birthday

*shaking head disbelievely*


haha! could he get any luckier? its amazing, the internet can make people do a total 180. i mean torturing a friend on his birthday and chatting on msn? a hard call that one! =P


This is perhaps so far the best birthday for Adrian! He perhaps get to enjoy the cake ALL BY HIMSELF minus the torture!

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its ok... juz ignore it if u dont wana do it. no big deal.

kesian your friend Adrian la... lol... save by the 'net'... lol




pinksterz: we ate the cake with him. that's enough :D

jen: i am so glad you understand. haha!

qiwei: i wish sundry shops would close down on my birthday.

christal: where can ignore one!

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