Monday, March 19, 2007

That Damn Underwear

Normie's girlfriend celebrated her 22nd yesterday night. Now her birthday was extra special because most of her coursemates are GIRLS and since UTM didn't have a proper open space, they decided to throw the party at OUR house. Everyone was extra gentlemanly that night. Adrian cleaned up the house, Kim helped out in the kitchen, I actually refrained myself from cursing. We had our game ON and the girls seemed to be having a great time. Well.. at least until they saw this hanging in the kitchen:

Girl: OMG! Whose boxer is that?!
Ben: [Shit, I forgot to take that down!] Er.. I have no idea.
Girl: That's so disgusting. Leaving their underwear hanging around like that.
Ben: Yeah, downright sickening. I think it's Normie's.
Normie: WHAT?! None of us here owns a pair of boxers besides YOU!
Ben: Ok fine it's mine but I don't wear it. It's just an old cloth that I use to wipe dirt with.
Normie: Oh really? *grabs the boxer and wipes the spilt Pepsi on the table*
Ben: NOOOOOOOOO!! That's my favourite pair! Now I have to wash it all over again you dick!
Everyone: ...
Ben: I mean, I need to wash it so it's clean enough to wipe ANOTHER dirty table.
Normie: We should cut this in half so we'd have two pieces of cloth.

Twelve girls I just met called me 'Taifu Man' throughout the remainder of the night. They thought it was funny. Someone kill me.



now you put it on your blog..everyone knows it's yours!



I quote myself, "Loser."


It's pity...
I understand ur feeling ><


Normie did that intentionally!!
Oh no~ pity you!!
Have 2 wash it again.. *wicked smile*

Cen Ni

This surely ruin your reputation again, LOL.
Will someone donate Ben a life-sized female doll...?


Your fault lah Ben, why need to lie about your own boxers? Sigh...


lolx! thats funnyy


and thats why mums tell us, dont lie! see? it never brings anyone any good. but then again, admitting that its your boxers hanging in full glory for all the world to see constitutes reason enough to fib. =P


What is taifu?


Well, I would definitely kill YOU for forgetting MY BIRTHDAY!

* Slashes Ben's head with a samurai*

Joash Chan

Haha... So now you're Ben The Idiotic Taifu Con Man.


Kaka! I didnt know who's Ben till i read the last line. kaka!


Come to think of it, why did those girls react like that to the sight of underwear?

I've seen my girl friend's clothes hanging on the line... so what? Big deal.


pinksterz: die lo..

beve: shattap!

sasuke: you hung your undies for girls to see too??! come we form a club!

december23: -sad frown-

cen ni: like a sex doll? i've actually considered them.. several times.

cy: because we are guys! bras are heaven to us!!

abcchin: thanks :D

jen: i am so glad you understand. haha!

skyler: taifu is cantonese for underwear. i asked my friends and they said it can also be pronounced as "dei fu". welcome back skyler.

qiwei: -evades- -evades-

joash chan: there goes my self-esteem

rabbit: yeah, most people get confused about my name.


LOL... i find it rather cute... hahaha...

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