Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Magician In Me

I'm sure most of you guys know about this simple trick where you make a coin disappear in one hand and then reappear again at the other. Here's a more graphical explanation:

Magicians are particularly known for being masters of misdirection. That is why to me, it would be taking to it like fish to waters:

(In class, waiting for the lecturer)
Ben: Hey Mak, wanna see magic?
Mak: No.
Ben: Those who despise magic have no soul.
Mak: I love magic. I just don't want to see YOU perform it.
Ben: Well I'm going to do it anyway.
Mak: Sigh.

(Ben pulls a coin out of his pocket)

Ben: Watch closely. *does the part where he grabs the coin and..*
Mak: Wait. Show me the other hand.
Ben: ... No.
Mak: You didn't actually grab the coin, did you?
Ben: Yes I did.
Mak: Show me then.
Ben: It is against the laws of magic.
Mak: You are full of shit.
Ben: You're making a mockery out of magic! You have angered the gods of magic! SMITE HIM! SMITE HIM!!
Mak: Ssshhh! People are looking! Ok fine, fine finish your damn trick.
Ben: Remember when I grabbed the coin with my left hand?
Mak: Yeah but you didn't actually grab it.
Ben: Yes I did. Now watch. (opens the left hand) It is gone... MAGIC!
Mak: ...
Ben: Now for my next trick, I shall make you disappear.
Mak: I'm moving.
Ben: Ta-da!!

Maybe I'll just stick to blogging. Here's the trick revealed.



Ah, your last trick worked! :D

Cen Ni

swt =__='


the youtube so dark! cannot see properly la... i wanna learn too!! =(


hahaha... nice one... ur fren is also another funny guy....


cy: my first trick worked too!!

cen ni: it's a good trick la, admit it.

lynn: highlight your video while viewing it. I think it'll be brighter.

rycerain: they all are :D

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