Thursday, March 22, 2007

Airbag Tester

This happened back in KL while I was driving a friend around:

(While driving)
Friend: Woah, your car has an airbag system.
Ben: Yeah.
Friend: *Slams the dashboard*
Ben: What are you doing?!
Friend: It doesn't work.
Ben: That's not how it works!
Friend: But it says 'airbag' right there. *slams the dashboard*
Ben: Stop it!
Friend: *slam! slam! slam!*
Ben: WOI!
Friend: You should get your car checked.
Ben: I should get YOU checked.
Friend: ...
Ben: ...
Friend: *SLAM!*
Ben: Sigh.

Seems that it wasn't Darlene who did the above. I forgot who :(



*slow smirk directed at gochi* *whistles innocently*

3 + 1 = ?


k0k s3n w4i

oh dear. that's so like a girl.


tell her that it only works when she bangs her head on the dashboard. ha ha..


*laughs at anonymous's comment*

So cute lah ur friend. Kaka!


Heheh, did you make sure your toddler friend wore her seatbelt?


-Princess Shin-

Oooh.. Who's this Darlene? Anyone special? =P


ur friend Darlene has never seen an air bag before? or is she just too stressed?
thank god she just slammed her hand on the airbag to see whether it works... Imagine if she's clever enough to take over the wheel and crash ur car to see whether it works...


you might have noticed i changed the character from 'darlene' to 'friend'. well she got a little angry after reading this post because she said she never slammed my dashboard.

it's weird because i remember someone DID slam my dashboard to check the airbags. i assumed it was her because she's the only one I drove around with in KL. or was it.. nah.. I forgot. anyways, sorry Darlene :D

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