Friday, March 23, 2007

Descendents Of Monkeys

(It was 5pm, the lecturer noticed all the tired faces in the class)
Lecturer: Ok, I know some of you might have problems keeping up with the class because well let's face it, it's not a good hour to conduct classes and you guys are tired. So...
Mak: Class is cancelled and we can all go back?!
Whole class: (Roars in unison)
Lecturer: No.
Whole class: (Sighs in unison)
Lecturer: We are all going to pray.
Whole class: ...
Lecturer: As we all know, a prayer will soothe our soul and clear our mind. That way, you guys can regain focus in the class.
Let's all recite a prayer to our creator.
Whole class: ...
Lecturer: Who is your creator?
Mak: Our mothers.
Whole class: HAHAHAHA!
Lecturer: Nono, that is your maker. Who is your CREATOR?
Mak: Er.. God?
Lecturer: Why the hesitation? Don't you believe in God? Don't tell me you believe in Darwin's Theory?!
Mak: ...
Lecturer: Darwin's Theory tells us that humans are evolved from monkeys. Do you want to be associated with a lower class creature like that? DO YOU?!


Mak: No?
Lecturer: NO!!!!
Mak: No..
Lecturer: (Nods) Yes.

I find it offensive. I personally think that there are some truths to Darwin's Theory and it's just unfair for her to discard it as plain nonsense.



Monkeys are of lower class? Sheesh!

Agree with you. There are definitely, reasons for the existence of such theory. One just cant take it as nonsense.

k0k s3n w4i
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k0k s3n w4i

*gasp* Blasphemy! You shall burn!

Why didn't anyone say anything against that lecturer? If all of you said you wanted to be associated with monkey, maybe you guys could have gotten the early dismissal after all.


What an arrogant woman...

Hui Sen

Well, joking aside, even I'm offended by the apparent fundamentalism.

And back to a light hearted point of view, I haven't figured out the universe. That said I don't think anyone else has. There might be someone who has but he probably drools a lot and isn't allowed to have a pair of scissors in his room.

I think God's got a great sense of humour. He created man in his image and stuck a lot of bones in the ground just so archaeologists would have something to do.


Haha. With a class like this, no wonder your lecturer needs to pray xD

And lol to hui sen's last para~!


I believe in Darwin's Theory..

Plants evolve..
Animals evolve..
then why can't monkey evolves to human??

n i once saw a really hairy native in my hometown when i was in primary school n i believe that he's part of d evolution's monkey or orang utan..


rabbit: i thank you for your open minded ness :D

k0k s3n w4i: we were afraid of getting our marks or grades reduced.

hwey: but she's a good teacher.

hui sen: and boy is he laughing hard right now.

cy: lucky she doesn't do this every class.

december23: or he could have just too much testosterone :D



a man wit too much testosterone won't be wearing a taifu-looked-pants (or that's memang his leafy taifu??)n a broken piece of cloth like d native does..

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