Sunday, March 25, 2007

Club Politics

Today will be forever known as the day I got off my lazy ass and joined a society. Well it was about damn time! I have been hesitating to join a club ever since I entered uni because well, I never had ANY sweet memories of joining clubs. Everytime I do, I would get really fed-up with all the politics and backstabbing that goes on in there:

(During a club meeting)
President: I propose we sell flowers at the student car park to raise funds for our club.
Fund-raising Director: [I 100% agree!]
Treasurer: [Stupid idea. We don't even have the financial model to purchase the flowers.]
Public Relations: [Who would wanna buy flowers at this time of the month?!]
Program Director: [Actually that's not such a bad idea. It's quick, simple and easy.]

President: Well the room has been silent for about 30 seconds now.. So what do you guys think?
Members: (still silent)
President: Ok fine we will do the flower selling thingy.
Supporters: [Yeah! The president is so smart!]
Objectors: [Stuuuuppiid! It is time to overthrow the president!]
President: So you guys ok?
Members: Yes.

Because everyone were too afraid of being shot down by the President (or even worse, fired) they kept quiet and just agreed to whatever decision he/she makes no matter how crappy it is. That's when everyone starts taking sides and things go downhill from there. Politics are ugly.

I have seen two of my friends who have been best buds for 5 years, throw chairs at each other during a club meeting because of a pent up disagreement. Sigh. I hope things will be better in this club.



Oh this is sad. But the fact remains that most of us undergraduates aren't trained to speak up and be good leaders.

What's worse is, some will graduate that way.

Glad you're joining a society :) If you find there's too much politics, just quit and join a new one.


Have to agree with CY that most Malaysian undergraduates are too timid to speak up. It don't seem to be the case with the Malaysian Society here though, it's nearly a free for all and that results in a lot of politics too. Politics' everywhere, can't avoid it.


Selling flowers at this time of year REALLY is a bad idea. Why not sell easter baskets or chocolate covered bunnies or something??

Maybe someday you will be the President and change the politics in the club!


cy: i don't think i'll quit and join a new one. i don't think i can afford to join anything on my final year. NOW OR NEVER!

mrbherng: you can't blame us. the system doesn't encourage free speech.

kahealani: that scene was a for-instance :D

president? someday..

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