Monday, March 26, 2007

Ego Destroyed

Two days ago, we went to meet a senior regarding a membership in a club. When I introduced myself, it seemed that he already knew who I was. Problem is, I have no idea who he is:

Senior: Ooooh so YOU are Benjamin!
Ben: Yeah, have we met?
Senior: You're from the mechanical engineering faculty!
Ben: Er.. yeah.
Senior: You're from Sabah!
Ben: Yeah..
Senior: You love to play DOTA!
Ben: Dude, I am impressed and at the same time incredibly freaked out right now.
Senior: I know your hometown friend, June.
Ben: Oh I see.
Seniors: She told me a lot about you.
Ben: ...

(Two days later, I met up with June)

Ben: Hey, I met your senior friend.
June: Oh yeah, he told me.
Ben: Why are you going around campus telling people about me?!
June: Actually the topic of you came up while we were talking about our hometown friends. There were some girls at the table too so I thought I'd say some nice things about you.
Ben: COOL!
June: But..
Ben: But what?
June: The day after he met you, we met up for lunch and he sorta told me.. er..
Ben: What did he tell you?!
June: He told me, "I met your friend, Benjamin, yesterday. He wasn't as fit or as handsome OR as articulate as you said he was."

A little part of me died that day.



first~! Ouu...ego flatten~

Wan Yean

how much did you pay june to do your dirty work? told you it's a waste of money and effort. heh.


June is making you famous.

-Princess Shin-

Haha.. poor thing. Looks can't lie. Haha..

Cen Ni

kakakakaka... /gg

*pats Ben on the back*


It's a guy lah. What you so worried for? I bet at least one of those girls are still dreaming of meeting fit, articulate, handsome Ben ;) Keep hope alive!

Ps. How come Cen Ni keeps patting you? :P


eve: i'm not that famous yet to be the 'first' thing :D

wanyean: i promise we'd have sex once a week. ... how i wish.

anonymous: June is giving people false impressions of me.

-princess shin-: girls have it easier what with make-up and push up bras.

cen ni: *receives pat*

cy: those girls will be so disappointed.

p/s: i know, she makes me feel like her pet. (inside joke) no beve, you will always be my one true mustard.

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