Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ben The PMS-ing Girl

The weather is so unbelievably hot here in Skudai. I'm taking almost 10 showers a day now and trying to move as little as possible. I feel like a newt. A lazy newt. Newts are already lazy so that would make me one really lazy newt. The heat is so unbearable it's making me damn moody too:

(Conversation with Kim)
Ben: I am so hot!
Kim: No you're not.
Ben: I meant the weather!
Kim: Oh, yeah it is pretty hot.
Ben: Let's go outside.
Kim: That's a silly idea. It's even hotter outside.
Ben: But I'm already so hot inside!
Kim: No you're not. You're neither hot inside nor outside.
Ben: I MEANT THE WEATHER! Stop being annoying! It's already hot enough outside and here you are trying to be smart?! Gawd, I feel like smacking you!
Kim: Sorry.
Ben: I am so HOT! Aaaaargghh!
Kim: I know.
Ben: I KNEW YOU THINK I'M HOT! I bet a lot of other people think I'm hot but they don't want to tell me because they're afraid my head might get too bloated up or something. But you're a witness, I'm here, I'm not doing flips or cartwheels or somersaults!
Kim: Well no, you're not that talented.
Ben: Shut up!! Just (sobs) just SHUT THE FUCK UP! I AM talented. It's just that I haven't found my niche yet. I haven't found my one true calling yet. I did try.. I did try my best in everything I do but I always, always end up being mediocre. I tried my best.. I.. I really did..

Kim: .....
Ben: I'm hungry.

What is up with the weather?!



The weather is definitely driving u crazy!

Let us all pray for the rain! Cuz the weather here in Malacca is killing me too.

Cen Ni

Ben, why not use aircon?

Yea you're hot. Sweating hot.
Smelly also. Hot and smelly.

Wan Yean

loud annoying pussy


Imagining how this would sound like as a podcast *wink wink*


imagine how nice it is living at 20'C like me sewjin. so damn nice.



I found your blog via nuffnang, and after reading it, your blog is funny but it hasn't reach the cult status of lengmou yet. The self parody and self depreciation is good lack that X-factor edge that would really catapult you to blogosphere notoriety. If you want to you can achieve it but then it would be at the expense of your studies...ahh the dilemma....

p.s. Why do I have a feeling that when you graduate, your profession would be totally different from what you are studying now (like jason mumbles)?


qiwei: i think the whole west malaysia is going through a heat wave.

cen ni: aircon = money. me = no money. so sad :(

wanyean: u fell down beside a drain.

cy: oh yeah i've been meaning to do one. i think i'll get to it after this week is over (test week -sobs-)

pinksterz: i thought egypt should be hot one? u know. sand. heat. pyramids. I need to get out of malaysia more.

anonymous: haha thanks for the short blog review. i'll just keep doing what i'm doing and see where it takes me.

p.s. i think so too. something in the mass communication field perhaps?


Kim deserves a cookie... Since it's you PMS-ing, it better be one heck of cookie. XDXD

Fan + Ice + Lazy chair = Less PMS-y?

Just don't have any electrical stuff touching the ice's dripping pool. Nor step on that water. Because then you'd really be ever so hot.

Only ever so motionless...

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