Friday, March 30, 2007

Cat On My Window

I spent the whole afternoon reformatting my computer AGAIN. It isn't a virus attack this time. I accidentally messed up my registry with this tweaking software recommended by Before I knew it, my whole computer took 10 minutes to start up. Aargh. I'm a sucker for the word 'tweak'. Tweak, tweak, tweak. Like a birdie.

Speaking of animals, while I was busy reformatting my computer, a certain something quietly snuck into our room:


The cat got equally shocked when it saw us jump off our seats and scream like little girls. In fact it got so scared, it quickly shot for the windows. Now, see here's the problem. One; Our windows were closed.. and two; we had window bars.

Our new window ornament

The cat got stuck there for 15 whole minutes. All the while, it was scratching and struggling to free itself from the bars. The scene itself wasn't as funny as you'd think it would be because while it was frantically manoeuvring itself about our window, it was also shedding a lot of fur which polluted our room's air space! And that's not even the worst part:

Kim: Do you smell that?
Ben: ...
Kim: The cat shat on the windows!

Fur was flying all over our room AND it stunk so badly! The cat must go:

Kim: So what should we do? It will surely scratch us if we even come an inch close to it.
Ben: Here I got a broom.
Kim: Good idea. We'll slowly nudge it off the bars.
Ben: What? Hell no. The cat shat in our room. I'm gonna beat it to death.
Kim: WHAT?!
Ben: Don't worry, I'll thrust the broomstick right through its mouth into his throat to break its vocal cord so it can't scream. THEN I'll beat it to death.
Kim: ...
Ben: I'm kidding.
Kim: Give me the broom.

The cat quickly broke free from the bars and jumped off through the open part of our window before we could do anything. Sigh. I wanted to beat nudge it so badly with the broomstick.


k0k s3n w4i

When I first saw a link to your blog, I thought you're a girl since you call yourself sewjin. Then I get it that you're a dude, from your posts. Now, I have to reevaluate that impression.

It's just a cat.


Dude, your new window ornament is a pussy!


i actually imagine you two with the cat. in a cartoon version. haha!

if i were in this situation, i sure run out of the room first. i hate cats. LOL!

Cen Ni

Wah CY said it right this time.


Thanks, Cen Ni. I'm always right :P


ur life is seriously quite happening.


you should have taunted it with a can of tuna or something. or toss paper darts at it. or stick pins into it. or.. or.. oo-er..*reigns in the hidden sadist within*


You should have beat it to death and cook a special delicacy out of it.

Stray animals are so annoying.


Poor thing... The kitty I mean...
Stuck for 15mins, so long.

But what were you standing there for 15mins anyway... a tad too long to freeze right??

Aaron Chua

Pinksterz~ I thought cats are some sacred animal of sort in Egypt, no?
This freaking cat-in-house thing happened to me a few times in total, everytime early in the morning or during a freaking storm.
And they normally end up dead.
Poor cats, didn't know I keep dogs as pets.

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