Saturday, March 10, 2007

My First Bad Clubbing Experience

Finally I got out of the house during the weekends and as planned, we went clubbing! Besides the FFK-er though, there was one other hiccup in the plan. We wanted to try a new club that night and so we did. Now unlike the other clubs we've been to where people drink and then hit the dancefloor, in this new club people JUST DRINK. What's even more interesting is, they send (really hot) girls over to persuade you to buy MORE drinks:

(Two girls approached our table. The first one could only speak Mandarin.)
Girl 1: Hello there, my name is Florence.
Ben: I don't speak Mandarin.
Girl 1: [Turns attention to CK] Hello there, my name is Florence.
CK: My name is CK.
Girl 1: (Seductively) I'm thirsty. I want to drink whisky.
CK: Well then, good for you.
Girl 1: Haha~ You're so funny. Come on, buy me a drink.
CK: I can't.
Girl 1: Why not?
CK: Lady, I'm living on a student's budget of RM600 per month. If I were to buy us that RM300 bottle, I'd have to start eating maggi and bread till the end of the month and maybe even resort to diluting my car petrol with water.
Girl 1: Huh?
CK: I'm poor.
Girl 1: Haha~ You're so funny. Come on, buy me a drink.

That's when the other whore girl turned her attention to me. This one could speak English:

Girl 2: You can't speak Chinese?!
Ben: Er.. no.
Girl 2: You're a banana guy!
Ben: Yes I am.
Girl 2: If you're a banana guy, guess what am I?
Ben: You're.. an ice-cream girl?
Girl 2: Haha~ You're so funny. Come on, buy me a drink.
Ben: Yeah and together we could make a banana split.
Girl 2: Ha..
Ben: (Interrupts) I know I know, I'm funny and I should buy you a drink.

It's weird because they never used any other approach to get us to buy more drinks besides rubbing our shoulders and saying, "Haha. You're so funny. Buy me a drink." I mean, they have been doing this for quite a while, right? Shouldn't they have.. tactics? Anyway, after finishing our Heineken, we immediately spedwalk through the exit and on to the club on the other side of the street. It was WAAAAAYY better! Sobs. Wasted RM16 on the first club :(



no wonder u didnt wanna talk about clubbing ! lol


compadre, I believe how it goes is that you agree to buy the girl an (overpriced) drink (of which she gets a commission), then she'll sit at your side. How close she sits will depend on the cost of the drink.

You'll make empty small talk with her. I don't think the point of all this is *talking*, to be honest.

After the drink comes, and depending on how many you order thereafter, you may at your liberty sooth the various aches and pains of her body (that has been yearning for a masculine touch for oh so long).

If you order a whole bottle (variously from RM600 to RM2,000), then you may opt for a private room, or take this poor but cute baby back.


beve: it's nothing to be proud of :(

aw: i have learned a lot. thank you!! oi wanyean, come let's go back to that club!

-Princess Shin-

oh my goodness.. there's such things? wat kind of persuasion is this? Asking guys to buy drinks for them. Eww...

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