Saturday, February 24, 2007

UTM Life Resumes

I've never heard myself sigh a louder sigh when my commuter finally reached its final destination, Seremban. Kim is already waiting for me in his car outside the KTM station. We're gonna have lunch and then take that deplorable journey back to UTM together.

Back in KL, all I've been doing is bumming around, eating and sleeping. I gained 5kg. That's how much I enjoyed myself back home. Aaargh! Just the thought of washing my own clothes and cleaning up after myself again is enough to make our McD lunch taste like McShit.. not that I've tasted it or anything. Bet it would taste something like, well, shit. That's not very tasty.

Heavy pampering isn't the only thing I'll miss about being in KL:

(While having lunch at McDs, Jusco Seremban)
Ben: *Looks around*
Kim: What are you looking at?
Ben: Chicks.
Kim: Stop it. You look like a pervert.
Ben: You do KNOW where we're going after this, right? We are going back to Skudai.
Kim: So?
Ben: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
Kim: ...
Ben: Mechanical Engineering Faculty.
Kim: *Turns to look around with Ben* Check out the chick in blue!

Sigh. Here I am, back in Skudai.



My ex was an Electrical Engineering student from UTM.

Maybe you can get lucky and find someone similar there. :D


haha. there are lots of chicks in jusco seremban compared to other places in seremban. LOL.

i know this for sure because i live in that area. bwahahahaha.=P


UTM no hot chicks ar?


shadowfox: it's been 1 and a half years. luck is running out :(

pinksterz: ooooh so you're saying you're pretty hot yourself, huh? heheh.

deng: UTM got but very little. Mechanical Faculty dun have at all. What girl would take up Mechanical Engineering, right? -sigh-


Happy CNY, Ben!

Well, what can I say? Juz don't be too desperate and turn gay...yikes!

By the way, Chap Goh Meh is coming soon so maybe you shud start throwing oranges into the river/sea this year - it may work!


man, you're funny lah XD
im gonna continue reading =D
can i have ur msn? can lah can lah =P XD


qiwei: so that's what i have to resort to now to find my girl. oranges.

beve: e-mail me :D XD =P haha.

Cen Ni

Let's all pray for Ben *chuckles*


U actually noes
"Repeat My Last name 3 times and say merry christmas????"

tot he was stalking u or sumtin. dat ghaey. and gave me ur link randomly since hes so proud of sabahan.


cen ni: aaargh!

sxydevil: unfortunately, he's a friend of 9 years. run while you still can.

-Princess Shin-

I thought you were from Sabah?

Poor thing. I can only imagine how terrible it is!

Where are your podcast? Given up already? =P


princess shin: i spent 19 years in sabah. since then, i've migrated to KL. now not sure which state i should call my hometown :D

-Princess Shin-

Oh? I lived in Sabah for 11 years then migrated to KL! Lived here ever since! Your whole family came down? Like KL?


princess shin: yeah whole family came down to KL. i don't know whether to like it in KL or not because i spend most of my time in utm, johor.

during short breaks pula i eat and sleep at home because no friends in KL. heheh.

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