Monday, February 26, 2007

Recovering From CNY

After 2 weeks of enjoying the CNY holidays, it's never easy for anyone to revert back to their hardworking university undergrad self in just one day:

(In the lecture hall)
Adrian: I miss the holidays.
Ben: Oh well, time to switch back to study mode.
Adrian: OMG, what is that?!
Ben: This is our test marks.
Adrian: OMG, what is that?!
Ben: This is our holiday assignments.
Adrian: OMG, what is that?!
Ben: This is the text book our lecturer told us to buy during the holidays.
Adrian: OMG, what is.. *GASPS* what is THAT?!
Ben: That.. is our lecturer.
Adrian: Nooooooooo!!

I miss the holidays too.



SJ: Our holz is juz around the corner.

Ho: Im sure u are reading dis, shorty! ^^ So all ur frens are sama sama lame like u. Wakaka.

Little PopcorN

Oh dear.. is it that bad? Hahah.. Happy Studying! =)


Ben: OMG, what is that?!
Adrian: That... is a girl.


sxydevil: ui Ho, he called you a shorty and me lame, come with our Tawau powers combined! *baja hitam song playing*

ok maybe i am a little lame..

little popcorn: yes, yes it is.

cy: yep, sounds like me :D

Cen Ni

I missed those good ol' days of studying :-( * pls don't throw me your slippers Ben :P *


Correction: Ho is a lame shorty. and u are juz lame.

and oi. sounds like u are REALLy deprived of not only chiqs BUT gurls too. quite sad lar hor? XD


cen ni: you are working?! i JELES!!

susu: please divert your attention this picture.


how come lecturer too?? changed lecturer?? too bad!!



I swear I would have a series of roar of laughter if it wasn't so early in the morning!!!!

p/s: his fingers look cacat-ed in those pics. and seriously, he is better off with his durian hair now. >.<

Cen Ni

Working from 9 to 6. Office politics. Ke poh colleagues. Tough competition . *cough* Office romance.

Solution : liquors.

he he who wanna trade places with me? ^_^

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