Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gym Ra(n)t

No more hot hot chicken shit:

Gym Ra(n)t

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i was eating my dinner when i was listening to your podcasting.

halfway, i lost my appetite.


-Princess Shin-

UTM got gym ah? Somemore got mat salleh go wan? Wah.. how come ah? Its in UTM itself or wat?

And gals can only go 2 days a week? Aiyoh.. terrible!!!

Good luck in loosing ur tummy! =) Hehe..


how do u even make these podcasts man -_-


pinksterz: heheheh!

princess shin: utm got gym. it's in their complex sukan. i think the mat salleh is a lecturer, not sure. here got a lot of those arabs and pakistani students.

as if any girl in UTM would go the gym. all so scrawny.

beve: i have too much time on my hands :D

i'm ben

Sewjin says:
i actually get myself excited before my podcasts

Sewjin says:
like giving more life


No gym induction huh??

Boss Stewie

thanks for ur support dude

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