Thursday, February 22, 2007

Strip Mahjong

It's always fun when the cousins are all gathered for a gambling session, especially when you're not the one gambling. Kimberley is one of my cousins and Bernice is my baby sister:

(While they were playing mahjong)
Ben: Kimberley has tung, nan, xi, pei, hong zhong...
Kimberley: WOI!
Ben: Heheh.
Kimberley: What are you laughing at?! I pull your pants down then you know!
Ben: ... You come pull la. See who rugi.
Kimberley: Of course it would be you!
Ben: If you exposed my johnson, it'll just be getting a breath of fresh air meanwhile you..

Bernice: (Interrupts) will suffer from nights of sleeplessness.
Kimberley: ...
Bernice: I'm just saying, don't do it. Just.. don't.



Bernice speaks from experience xD


lovely CNY with cousins~

Cen Ni

hahaha.. that's cute :P How old is your baby sister Ben?


cy: indeed she does.

freelunch2020: yes it was :D

cen ni: can't believe you found that cute. haha. anyway, my baby sister is 14. i know, she should have the 'baby' title stripped off but she'll always be one to me.


can see that u love ur baby sister very much although sometimes u do argue wit her.. coz she's still a baby to u even thou she's 14.. XD


Don't forget to take pics and post them up if some of you really do play Strip Mahjong yah.


Wan Yean

continuation of the unfinished post:
kimberly: hell yea i'm stripping you!
(pulls the pants)
ben: no...!!
(bernice and kimberly gasps)
bernice: he's.. he's..
kimberly: he's one of us! i mean, she!
bernice: that explains my missing koteks!


Wan Yean speaks from experience xD


ROFL! wut da. its hilarious!!!! >.<

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