Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ben The Conman

(While waiting for our Thermo lecturer)
Adrian: I'm bored.
Ben: Let's bet.
Adrian: Bet on what?
Ben: The colour of the tudung our thermo lecturer is gonna wear to class.
Adrian: You saw her today already, didn't you?
Ben: No, I swear!

(Adrian thinking)

Adrian: I heard you did badly in your Thermo test.
Ben: No way! I just asked the thermo lecturer about our test marks and she said she hasn't even begun marking yet! You liar!
Adrian: ...
Ben: What?
Adrian: Nothing.
Ben: So you wanna bet or not?

It took me the entire Thermo period to figure out my mistake.

Side note: Ooops. Seems that I've given the wrong impression that I'm already back in UTM. Nah, it's just something that happened a few days before our mid term break, thought it would be nice to share. I'm actually in Sungai Petani right now visiting my maternal side relatives. Will be back in KL tomorrow.



I'll be kind and not laugh at Ben the "Conman"... *snicker*



omg..back in utm so soon eh? lolss

Little PopcorN

You started your class already?

hehe.. you muz not be good at lying. Wahaha..

Happy chinese New Year!


cy: -sobs-

muffinsoup: aya soli. it's actually something that happened a few days before mid term. me still CNY-ing :D

little popcorn: as you can tell from my blog, i am pure of heart. that's why i cannot lie. *nods head* happy chinese new year!

Joash Chan

so now your title should either be "Ben Can't Be Conman" or "Ben The Idiotic Conman"...

Cen Ni

Owh, and how long was the Thermo period? It took me few minutes btw ( LOL I admit I'm slow, even tho you gave hint ^^ )

Good boy Ben, now sit !
Roll over! *whips on hand*


joash chan: you and cy sama jenis. -sobs-

cen ni: woof woof. grrrrrrr. bark bark!


Yay, Joash! *high five*

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