Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Relatively Strangers

This is what happens when you've been living in Sabah for 19 years and in that time span, rarely flew back to West Malaysia to visit your blood relatives. Sometimes I wish my Dad could've decided to migrate to West Malaysia earlier:

Relatively Strangers



Gosh. I so know what you mean. Thankfully my mum stopped doing that years ago. Why not tell her how it makes you feel? I'm sure she'll understand :)


Haha, I used to have "strangers" saying to me "Wah long time didn't see, so big already" in any so called family events, but silently i will say "who the hack are you.. I had never seen you before"

Just hate that feeling.


cy: i always think "mothers will be mothers". plus, it's more interesting this way :D

mrbherng: yeah exactly. the oly thing we can do is just be a good asian child and smile back. sigh.


haha i got eight aunts and uncles from my dad's side. and i never ever remember (or bother to) remember their title like pak long or mak long or wth it is. you know those malay adat thing. haha.
so apalagi my 20++ cousins right? LOL.

Cen Ni

* pats Benjamin on the back *

-Princess Shin-

Oh.. poor thing. I do know how that feels. I was from Sabah too and my grandmother and all my cousins were in KL. When i first moved to KL when I was 11 i felt really left out. My cousins were so closed to my grandma coz they grew up with her. Till now I'm not close to my grandma tho everything is too late now. But at least I can say my cousin is now my friend.

Happy Chinese New Year!


i think ur blog is a fckin good place to visit when depression possess mua soul. damnz. no wonder my fren recommended ur blog. u sound somewat like him.


shit, so long never see this page already. malu la didn't respond to you guys:

pinksterz: u easier to remember la. i have to remember in a language i don' understand leh! what sap sam yeh, this and that.

cen ni: WOI! touch me no need money ah? :D

princess shin: 11 still ok. glad things worked out with your cousins!

sxydevil: who? Nick Ho? Hahaha.

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