Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

(In the living room)
Dad: Why do you keep listening to those Chinese New Year music?
Mum: Because it IS the Chinese New Year!
Dad: Well I don't like it. Change the channel.
Mum: [Click. My Chemical Romance - Black Parade on MTV.]
Dad: Good. English music is much better. Let's eat.

(At the dinner table)
Dad: Real men drink wine.
Ben: But the wine smells horrible.
Dad: You drink beer.
Ben: It's different.
Dad: They are both alcohol. It's the same.
Ben: Fine, I'll take a sip. [takes a sip]
Dad: So how is it?
Ben: YUCK!!

Mum: Put the handphone away!
Jo: Wait wait, last message.
Mum: We're having a family dinner, put that handphone away.
Jo: Fine.
(Handphone rings)
Jo: Mum, I think that's yours.
Mum: (Picks up the phone) Hello? Ah ya ya! Gong Xi Fa Cai! So how's everyone there? Ya I can chat now. Don't worry, I'm not doing anything.
Jo: Hm.

Bernice: Bennie, pass me the bowl.
Ben: No.
Bernice: Pass it to me!
Ben: No.
Bernice: Daddy, you see this Bennie!
Dad: Bernice, get the bowl yourself. Your brother is learning to drink wine.

So that was my Chinese New Year Eve dinner; Mum chit-chatting on the phone, Dad being so close to shoving the glass of wine down my throat, Jo continuing her SMSing and Bernice being the only one concentrating on eating. All this while Black Parade is playing in the background.

Not the most perfect of pictures but I ain't complaining :D Happy Chinese New Year everyone!



Happy New Year : I have no father or mother. I would b glad to sit at yr dining table for reunion dinner :)
But now I have my own family. So will u one day kong hee fatt choy.

Cen Ni

Bengbeng, happy Chinese New Year, be merry, be happy :)

ehehe... looks like a happy family ben, I just had a family dinner with all my aunties and uncles from mom's side :) and all my cousins are so damn cute :P Being the oldest, I can bully them ^^

oops OOT, Happy Chinese New Year all! :)


The whole scenario looks like an advert on family unity from Petronas or something! =D

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you guys have a great one.


tat's wat d reunion dinner's all about.... LOVE... haha...

very very re nao de la with family eat dinner.. had my family dinner last nite.. as in my family n my cousin's family..

so much fun!! so much food too!! hoho and angpau's!!! hehe i feel so loved.. haha...

after all tat.. almost everyone in my family is visiting d toilet once in awhile... hmm... oh well..

happy chinese new year to all!!!


bengbeng: so sorry to hear about that. but no matter la since you have your own family :D hope you kong hee fatt choy-ing!

cen ni: wa so nice you get to have a huge family dinner. we don't do that anymore :( happy CNY!

jen: it looks more like an advertisement for wine, handphone, MTV and food, all in one.

pyin: i bet YOU did the cooking :D happy CNY!


No reunion , no nothing here. Just some pathetic occasion held by the local chinese community here. Anyway, had a nice night out in town to celebrate CNY though... (reunion dinner will still be the better choice if I got a choice)



Haha. Your dad loves Black Parade... hmm... Drinking wine is an excuse to not do anything else... lol... What a happy family! Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D


Happy CNY everyone!!

Ben, it looked like u have a funny family.. i love that!! haha..


I can't even imagine Linkin Park blaring in my home during Hari Raya. ;-)

Happy New Year Dude. Keep the quality posts flowing yah. Heh.


mrbherng: look on the bright side. you're in england :D

cy: he doesn't love black parade. he just loves ANY english music. heheh.

december23: i'm sure every family has their own 'special feature'. haha.

din: linkin park? you're right, it IS really hard to imagine. haha. thanks for the compliment :D

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