Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chicks Won't Dig Ghost Rider

Yesterday, my sisters and I went to Midvalley to catch a movie. The queue was insanely long (as usual) so that left us plenty of time to decide on what movie to watch:

(In the queue)
Ben: Let's watch Ghost Rider.
Jo: Isn't that a horror movie?
Ben: No it isn't. It's one of those superhero stories like Batman, Superman and Spiderman.
Jo: My friend who already saw the movie SMSed me. She said, "Watch out for the parts when the villain suddenly appears."
Ben: ...
Jo: Can't we watch something else? I wanna watch The Holiday.
Ben: We are not paying RM11 each to watch a sappy love movie. People go to cinemas for the special effects!
Jo: But.. but.. there's Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz!
Ben: Screw them.
Jo: You wish.
Ben: Ok listen, Ghost Rider is a fairly new movie and chances are the tickets would be sold out by the time it's our turn. If that happens, THEN we'll watch The Holiday.
Jo: Yay!

When it came to our turn, the Ghost Rider still had 12 seats left. Lucky us:

(In the cinema. Movie starts.)
Jo: This is a mistake.
Ben: Just sit back and enjoy the movie.

(Camera zooms into a character and for a quick moment, reveals its ugly demonic face and ROARED. Everyone in the cinema jolted.)

Ben: Haha. So this was the scene your friend was talking about? [Looks at Jo]
Jo: [Hands covering the eyes]
Ben: So this is how you're gonna be for the entire movie?
Jo: No, that would be silly. I'll only hide behind my hands when the villain appears.
Ben: Jo, that is the hero.
Jo: But it's a skull engulfed in flames!
Ben: Yes it is.
Jo: This is just great.

By the end of it all, she said that the movie didn't have enough fight scenes.. and her left thumb is bigger than her right.



I dig Ghost Rider.

I just don't dig Nicholas Cage.


I dig Ghost Rider. And Nic Cage made the movie worth watching, IMHO.

Cool movie.




I don't understand the last sentence. Why her left thumb is bigger than her right?


deng: how can you not dig nicholas cage? he is so COOL!


lingghezi: indeed. thanks for dropping by.

jason: it just means that my sister spent most of the time (during the movie) hidden behind her hands that she noticed the size difference of her fingers :D

-Princess Shin-

I wanna watch Ghost Rider. Not all chicks don't like it. =)

Happy Chinese New year!


princess shin: i'm sure you would :D happy chinese new year!

Cen Ni

I forced my bro to watch The Holidays with me last week *chuckles*

in return, will hv to watch Ghost Rider with him tomorrow (sobs). Talking bout being single, hv to kidnap siblings to go watch movie with you :P
Anyway, from 1 to 10, how will you rate the movie Ben?


cen ni: i totally get you on the kidnap sibling for movies thing. haha. ghost rider ah? i like it because of the special effects and sheer cool-ness of nicholas cage. if u looking for story line then this isn't for you. I give it a 7/10 :D


hated both 'Holiday' and 'ghost rider'. the latter reminded me of 'van helsing'; all effects and no substance at all.


hated both 'Holiday' and 'ghost rider'. the latter reminded me of 'van helsing'; all effects and no substance at all.


hey, waitaminute. i watched 'ghost rider' and totally liked the whole 'flaming head, bike, tyre tracks and chain whip' thing. although, if you were looking for a storyline... ehh... wrong movie!


Ghost Rider was a disappointment 2 me. The fighting scenes and storyline just ain't good enough. Last nite I watched The Holiday & it was great! Especially liked the accompanying soundtracks. Hans Zimmer is damn great!


ghost rider sux la wei... So lame ok... The holiday rocks!!


does ur lil baby sis reads ur blog? >.<


sxydevil: yeah she does. she even has her own blog.

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