Friday, January 05, 2007

That McD Queue

(While queuing up at McD, we got bored and let our eyes wander)
Adrian: Hey lookie there.
Ben: Where?
Adrian: 9 o' clock, red shirt.
Ben: Oh yeah, I see her. Dude she's hot!
Adrian: Yeah I know. Would you just look at the curves on that body.
Ben: And she has huge boobies!
Adrian: Boobies!

As our conversation was about to enter the 'where would you do her?' zone, we suddenly heard a really loud gasp coming from behind. And when we turned to look, we saw a really nervous girl RUNNING out of McD. It was then we realised that we were so engrossed in our booby discussion that we failed acknowledge the presence of a young girl queuing right behind us.

She was apparently eavesdropping on our 'man-talk' and got (very) scared. I don't understand. If I heard two girls chatting about whether they'd screw a guy or not, I would have given that conversation my fullest attention. I would take notes! Maybe it'd even help solve the age-old question of what women want.

Anyway, it was finally Adrian's turn to order and to my surprise, he ordered a take-away:

Ben: Hey, I thought we decided on eating in.
Adrian: And we are.
Ben: Then why did you order a take-away?!
Adrian: This way, they'll give me some sauce packets. You don't get sauce packets if you order in.
Ben: I can't believe you. You didn't order any drinks?
Adrian: Oh right I forgot. [Talks to the McD guy] "Hey I might get a little thirsty from waiting for my take out order. Can I have a small cup of coke?"
Ben: ...
Adrian: There, all taken care of.
Ben: You are like, the cheapest friend ever.



for the record .... your conversation tarnished the virgin ears of an eavesdropping nun candidate thats why she run away..

and damn your pal is real cheap

Hui Sen

Boobies? Of all the various synonyms (Jugs, Tits, Knockers, Nugs, Hooters, Funbags, hell even Boobs) for female breasts, why boobies?? Boobies is a word for 12 year old girls when they feel really daring.

How young is young? If she ran to mum with a story about two uncles talking about (that naughty word) boobies.... well.... you should be ashamed.


Happy New Year Ben! Your blog is a big favourite of mine. Looking forward to more.

For the record, I like boobies too.


lucifer: i know. and the worse part is, he proudly admits it.

hui sen: because boobies sound so cool! It gives a more kawaii feel to the female breasts.

young = the girl is about form 4/5. and i am not an uncle!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

yeah happy new year to you too. dude thanks for your support, both for my blog and boobies :D

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