Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Calculator Showdown

Building the paper chair is taking up a lot of our time but I must say it's the most 'engineer' thing I've done in the 1 and a half year I'm here in UTM. I'm saying this because all I've basically learnt since coming here is calculate forces left and right but never really applied them practically. This project allowed me to do so and I could never be happier.

So the story starts here. In order to minimise material usage, we needed to get the area of the smallest stool we could find and the only place to find such stool is at the local coffee shops. I was excited. I thought it would be really cool to finally bring my mad engineering skillz outdoors (I am such a dork). But like we've always been taught, things always seem better in theory.

(In a crowded coffee shop having dinner)
Ben: This stool is just wide enough to hold me.
Kim: Hm, I think it's about 30cm.
Ben: Only one way to find out. (takes out a ruler)
Kim: ...
Ben: (intently measuring the stool)
Kim: Put that thing away man, people are staring!
Ben: (takes out a calculator)
Kim: You brought a calculator too?!
Ben: (ignores Kim. continues calculating)

Suddenly, Ben felt a light tap on his shoulders. When he turns around to check, there they were; a group of 5 youngsters each holding the latest Casio FX260 Scientific Calculator. Ben's was the 4 year old FX570MS.

Group leader: How dare you step into our territory and calculate!
Ben: So you think you're so tough with your new gizmo there, huh?
Kim: This is not happening.
Ben: In the calculation world, it's 20% calculator and 80% user. And you my friend, clearly have no game.
Group leader: How dare you.. I challenge you to a calculation duel!

The group leader and Ben simultaneously point their calculator at each other and start calculating each other's height, weight, waist line, etc with tremendous haste. Unfortunately halfway through, Ben's calculator ran out of battery.

Group leader: Muahahahahahaha!! Looks like your 20% failed you!
Ben: This.. cannot.. be..
Kim: Ben, stop playing with those kids and eat your dinner. This is embarrassing.
Group leader: (snatches Ben's calculator and holds it triumphantly up in the air) VICTORY!
Kim: Ok that's it, I'm moving tables.

The point is, I look pretty much like a dork with my ruler and calculator in that coffee shop.



Although its kinda lame, it made me LOL for a 10 seconds. Haha!

Did you know that even with the latest calculators, university bans them because they are too powerful? :P If not UTM, at least MMU does. They even ban FX570MS.

The best model is FX570W.


I don't know which is sadder: a post about, and to an extent glorifying, calculators..


a comment from a reader also talking about calculators.



jason: aya, i was going for 20 seconds :D Heheh. I've never heard of calculator banning before and over here, our lecturers don't encourage us to use FX570W. weird.

din: i did not glorify calculators. that gadget is already the shiz-nitz without me doing so! ... it's the comment, i tell you.


gee great to know you engineering people have a 'life'... nice blog btw, very entertaining material


eku: hey there eunice, long time no hear from you! we do have a life, not a very interesting one but a life nonetheless. -sobs- thanks for your comment. hope you're having a better life down under :D



dude... i can really imagine u in that scene... haha

btw.. why DID u bring ur .... 'weapons' anyway?? >_<


pyin: you can? but.. i am COOL! sigh. anyway, i brought my weapon to calculate the area. too lazy to use pen and paper :D


wow...a dilbert moment you have there XD

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