Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lazy Ass Engineers

First week of the semester and already we've been given a tough assignment. The lecturer was obviously very unforgiving. He went into our class, sat himself down and blurted, "I am Dr. XXX. Please split into a group of 2-3 and build me a chair out of manila paper without any use of adhesive. The chair must be able to support 150kg. You all have 2 weeks, class dismissed."

We all fixed our eyes on him as he walked out the class, hoping he'd give us more information or at least a hint. When he finally disappeared from the class, our stare turned to each other but again no one said a word. After a brief moment of silence, our brightest engineering student came up with an idea:

(In the class)
Normie: Chicken pox.
Ben: Huh?
Normie: Chicken pox would last for at least two weeks.
Ben: Oooh...

Normie: Don't you dare.
Ben: (Dashes out of the class)

So after an hour searching for a chicken pox infected student around the faculty, I finally gave up and decided to actually do the assignment. I teamed up with CK and Kim while Normie and Adrian formed their own group. Actually with enough research, the idea of a paper chair isn't so impossible.

Now here's the other problem. Since the five of us live so close to each other, we kept picking on each other's idea. I fear that in the end, both our paper chair product would look too much alike. So this meant we have to be more creative and try to separate our product from Normie and Adrians':

(Looking at both our finished products)
Ben: Our lecturer would know right away that we copied from each other. Heck even the shape of our paper chair is exactly the same. Theirs' is "U" shaped and so is ours.
Kim: Ours isn't "U" shaped.
Ben: It isn't?
Kim: Ours is "C" shaped.
Ben: ...

Let's just hope our lecturer who has 20 years of teaching experience, buys that.



Really rotfl!

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