Sunday, December 31, 2006

Of 3 Geeks & Celebrating The New Year

(Normie was trying to get our lazy butts out of the house to properly usher in the New Year)

Normie: Guys lets go out and celebrate the New Year!
Ben: And where do you propose we go?
Normie: Danga Bay!
Ben: Are you crazy? There's going to be a huge traffic jam there tonight and I don't want no part of it.
Normie: Ok fine, let's go to Singapore. We could stay there for a night.
CK: I went to Singapore last week with a few of my friends. We had our lunch at McDs and we didn't have enough chairs. The table beside us had an extra chair so I asked the guy if I could have it. He quickly sat on both the chairs and said that he's reserving it for another person.
Normie: Was he?
CK: Nope. That kiasu jackass just wanted the extra chair to put his shopping bags on.
Normie: So.. why are you telling me this?
CK: You still want to go to Singapore after what I've been through?!
Normie: Ok enough with the excuses! Come on guys let's go wild, let's drive up to Thailand or swim over to Indonesia or take a flight to Timbuktu. Anywhere but staying inside the house on New Year's Eve!
Ben: You know what would be REALLY crazy? If we went to any of those places..
Normie: Yeah whatever it is, let's do it!
Ben: .. without our textbooks and lecture notes.
Normie: ...
Ben: That is so gangster! Next thing you know we'll be doing drugs or getting locked up in jail or worse, get an A- for our subjects.
Normie: You guys really need to get your priorities right.

Hope you folks out there have a better night planned ahead than we do. Happy New Year!



Rotfl to the Singaporean with 2 butts xD

Happy 2007, Ben!


Hey, at least u gotta plan to go somewhere! I had to spend my new year studying because I have to sit for my finals beginning 3rd January, which is really sad!

MMU really needs to take a good hard look at its exam schedules!


I was in the car with a stranger at the stroke of midnite listening to "Memories" on the radio for my new year's eve.

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