Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Really Bad Day

The gang (CK, Normie, Kim) and I went out in this afternoon for a night in the museum. You know, the movie. I thought it was a pretty mediocre comedy movie save for some really funny moments. But besides the okay movie, everything else that happened during our outing today pretty much sucked.

First off was the trip to the cinema itself. It was bumper to bumper traffic all the way from our home to Pelangi Mall. Things weren't that bad at first because we were accompanied by great music that Kim burned on CD. Nickelback, My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects, hell yeah! Unfortunately, the CD only lasted for 20 solid minutes. After that, it repeated and repeated AND repeated for the next hour or so. I almost puked hearing Nickelback for the 4th time. We can't switch to radio because it's broken and we can't switch it off because let's face it, there's nothing worse than a long QUIET journey.

I got so sick hearing the same tunes over and over again, I actually deleted all those songs in my computer when I got home. The fact that Kim still hasn't gotten around to fix his car horn didn't help much to ease the situation either. Since he now doesn't have an outlet for his pent-up stress, he has to resort to shouting and swearing at the steering wheel throughout the journey. Things got really ugly in the car.

Thanks to the traffic jam, we arrived at the mall 20 minutes late. So it meant that we had to catch the next show which was 2 hours later. No matter, lucky for us the mall has a bowling centre which would make killing time so much easier.

That was before we found out that there's a BOWLING COMPETITION going on! The entire bowling centre was CLOSED to outsiders.

At that moment, I wished I was wearing an insanely thin and tight shirt just so I can flex and rip them apart in front of everyone to show how furious I was. If I'm lucky I might even turn green. But alas, luck is the one thing I needed most today. Right after finding out that the bowling centre was closed, we hung around the comic shop for an hour and a half. Now this would be fine, if not for the fact that it was a CHINESE comic shop. So while CK and Normie were having the time of their lives there, Kim and I were left waiting outside watching the shop's tv where they were airing a montage of horrible road accidents. Even bad television is mocking us.

After that we went to McDs to have a quick bite. 'quick' here being the keyword because we had exactly 30 minutes left on the clock before the movie starts. I mean, the day would go straight to hell if ordering and eating our fast food took more than 30 minutes. ... It did.

See, we had Mr. Action Hero as the employee manning the counter. You know how in action movies, when a bomb goes off in the background and the action hero walks real slow away from the explosion? That was exactly how he moved, hence the nickname. Throw in a theme song into the picture, you'll have a full-length motion picture. In the end it took him a whopping 25 minutes to take down 5 person's orders. Normie blew his top and shouted, "Hey, could you hurry it up?!". The guy was really determined not to break character because all he did was ignore what Normie said and continued moving slowly. I wish I had a death note.

So after literally swallowing our meal, we ran upstairs to the cinema and made it in just the nick of time. But it didn't matter because I was just too pissed to enjoy movie.. or the rest of my day.



Get a life


anonymous: hello anonymous flamer, we meet again. *pulls out jedi sword* (star wars theme song plays)


Ben, there's a reason for everything. A bad day could actually be a blessing in disguise.


Ben is pms-ing xD


I think the anonymous wanker should be the one to get a life. Going around and flaming anonymously on blogs doesn't constitute much of a life to me. Maybe he'd like to enlighten us about what exactly is a life worth procuring. Odds are that the dregs of my cheap bourbon would have more life to offer than whatever he's got in his basement.

Anyways, I hate days like those as well. McD workers aren't exactly the most motivated people in the working world. Most won't stay long enough to make "Employee of The Month"; similar to actually winning a drinking game: Everybody gets hammered no matter what (minus the pleasure of getting hilariously loaded)


qiwei: -still waiting for blessing-

cy: i can't imagine loosing blood non-stop for five days.

wilson: 'employee of the month' wins a trip to Egypt. i kid u not.


A trip to Egypt?! Man, I never knew that...

Anyways... *sings*Oh when it all, it all falls down
I'm telling you ohh, it all falls down


LOL, it could've been worse I guess. Oh, anyway happy new year to u! It might just be ur best day then!! :D


wenli: 2.51am on 1st of of Jan and it's still not raining gold in front of my house :( Happy New Year to you too!


Trip to Egypt? That's new...

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