Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Day Without Internet

As we all have known by now, a certain earthquake has disrupted our internet line causing a massive slowdown whenever we try to access an overseas website. I for one wouldn't be surprised if I read "Bloggers Commit Cult-Like Mass Suicide!" as the headline for tomorrow's local dailies. Everything is so slow now that I'm actually reading the ads on websites. Sad to say, I even clicked on one.

Since the internet has been decelerated to a stand still and there isn't much left to do indoors, Normie and I decided to drag our sorry butts outside for a walk. It's been a while since we've stepped outdoors for anything other than walking into the car so some things seemed unfamiliar:

(Walking outside)
Ben: *Gasp* Is that what I think it is?
Normie: Yes Ben, it is..
Both: (Stares at the sun with mouth wide open)

Ok, it wasn't that bad but it sure was close:

(Walking outside)
Ben: Hey look! Isn't that the most beautiful pebble you've ever seen?
Normie: It sure is. And there are a few of them too.
Ben: They would make really nice decorative pieces on my otherwise empty table. I think I'll take some back.

(later, back in the room)

Adrian: Ben.
Ben: What?
Adrian: Why do you have dried dog poo on your table?



Wah liao. Got wash your hand boh?


hijackqueen: haha sure got one :D

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