Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Superstitious Students

As students, all of us believe that hard work and sheer perseverance are the only factors to perform well in an exam. But after last semester's devastating drop in our (Kim and I) CPAs, we both needed to turn to other 'factors':

(At the faculty walkway)
Ben: Why are you using your old bag?
Kim: Oh you noticed.
Ben: You threw this bag away two semesters ago because of the faded colours.
Kim: And two semesters ago, I got a first class CPA.
Ben: So you think using the same bag two sems ago would yield the same academic results two sems ago.
Kim: Exactly. I'm also using the same pencil case, same ruler, same eraser, same...
Ben: Ok enough, I get your point. Don't you think it's all a little silly?
Kim: Silly? A week after we all got our CPA results, you called me up to ask if I had any rabbit's foot lying around in my house.
Ben: I don't see your point.
Kim: First of all rabbits are not lizards, they are not wandering around my house detaching their body parts. And secondly, how is that not sillier than my same-stuff-same-result theory?
Ben: It's very lucky to carry a rabbit's foot.
Kim: It's a rabbit's foot! How is that not gross? You are better off slipping an acorn into your pocket and carrying a four-leaf clover wherever you go!

Ben: .......
Kim: You have an acorn and a four-leaf clover with you now, don't you?

Donald Trump better have a big ass horseshoe hanging on his bedroom wall or I'm gonna be real disappointed. On a different note, I am back in UTM.



I hope you will be happy back there. Don't count tiles anymore!! It's not lucky@!


Ben, just pray really hard the night before exams. It works for me!

Prayer changes things!

Hui Sen

He does have a big ass horse shoe. Just lift his big ass hair piece.


eve: it isn't? you didn't tell me earlier!

qiwei: ok, now to find a religion :D

hui sen: haha, maybe he just shoves it up his big ass ass. at least that would explain why he's always sacking his employees.

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