Sunday, January 07, 2007

Me Meat Eater

When sometimes one of us are busy or just plain lazy to go to lunch or dinner with us, we would usually buy home or 'tapau' economy rice for that person. Economy rice of course is a basically a buffet minus the 'all you can eat for a fee' part. You pick the food then you pay according to how much you've taken. Sounds simple? Yeah. But not when you're doing it for other people.

"What should I get him? Does he eat this vegetable? Can he eat beef? Is this too expensive?"

Sometimes it's so stressful picking out dishes for your friend, it isn't even worth it. So yesterday when Kim had to stay home to finish up a project, everyone who went out for dinner was understandably reluctant to buy Kim's dinner. But since we were sort of in a rush, I quickly offered to do it. Folks, it's never a good thing to have a meat-eater pick out your food:

(Back home after we've had our dinner)
Ben: Here's your food.
Ben: I didn't know what to get you so I picked the food I would take for myself.
Kim: Fried chicken, steamed ham, minced pork and barbequed duck. It's like shoving constipation down my throat. And what is this?
Ben: That's grilled chicken.
Kim: You got me two types of chicken?!
Ben: I always take two or more types of chicken for myself.
Kim: But why?
Ben: Hey I've seen you pick SO MANY types of vegetables in one dish before; broccoli, cabbage, ladyfingers. I don't see a problem with me taking only TWO types of chicken.
Kim: You just implied that 'chicken' is a food group.
Ben: It isn't?




Agree with you that buying econ rice for others is a hassle. That's why I'll usually go, "One chicken rice" or "one Wantan Mee". Does the job, minus the hassle :D


I always ask before taking away for somebody. Saves me the embarassment of finding out that what my choice of takeaway would either:

a) Damn them to a thousand hells for eternity


b) Send them into a severe allergic reaction involving cardiac arrest, ER treatment and of course; an attempted murder charge.

-Princess Shin-

I love vegetables! How do you do your output if you don't? =P

I hate buying for ppl too.. juz get them chicken rice next time!


omigod! me is carnivor too. Pantang eat vege wan..haha


cy: i have like, the pickiest friends ever.

wilson: well that sucks.

princess shin: i add additional input. -flexes butt-

eve: come come we form a club!

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