Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Leaving Undergrads Idle In Class

When class started today, our lecturer went around to check whether all of us have done her homework. Those who failed to do so would get a severe dominatrix-like beating, with a 15cm plastic ruler. Yeah, only in UTM folks. Anyway while we were waiting for her to inspect on our work, we got bored and started toying around.

Normie attempted to solve the last question of the text book because according to him, the toughest question should be on the last page. If he was able to solve it, it meant that he could demand an A from the lecturer right then and there. Don't look at me, HE said that. Unfortunately, when he finally flipped to the last page, there it was staring back at him, a blank page. He then fixed his eyes on the lecturer from afar and whispered sinisterly to himself, "You win again Ms. Lecturer".

Kim miss called everyone on his phone book to "remind people of his existence". Adrian said the freezing air conditioner in the class made his dick hard. That's when he started making mechanical noises while moving his member around his pants. He made me watch. I have weird friends.

I also got bored waiting and started to mess around with my scientific calculator. I spelt every obscene word that I know and showed each of them to Kim who was sitting beside me. He thought it was cool. I knew he would. At one point, I tried spelling 'boobies' but I could only reach as far as 'boobie'. I was determined to find the 's' so I scrutinised every single keypad on my calculator. I was also afraid the lecturer might catch me so I hid my calculator below my desk and continued my arduous search. That's when the lecturer noticed me:

Lecturer: YOU!
Ben: Huh? Me?
Lecturer: Why are you staring at your crotch?!
Ben's Dignity: Ok boys let's pack it up.

Class was boring as usual. I mean how exciting can a statistics class be, right? There's even a point where everyone in the class just blurred off:

Lecturer (lecturing): In a discrete probability distribution if it's [more than] 1, we can also write it as [more than or equals to] 2.
Class: ...
Lecturer: Ok here's another example, if it's [more than] 20, we can write it as one minus [less than] 19.
Class: ...
Lecturer: Come on class! More-less, more-less. It's all very easy.
Class: ...

That's when the lecturer threw a fit and started screaming erratically,


I swear I heard a few students in the class break down and cry. All in all, a good way to start the day.



ur posts nv fail to crack me up.

-Princess Shin-

haha.. we used to always play with the scientific calculator too.. no.. actually the boys in my class.. u still do it? ahaha..

Joash Chan

maybe I need to misscall everyone in my phone book too....

ginko baloba

Really enjoy ur blog...any plans to document it and sell it to the market...can make good $$$...calculator showdown simply classic babe...All th best keep on blogging


(:: glad it always passes :D

-princess shin-: now i'm curious. what do GIRLS do when they're bored in class?

joash chan: i think we all need to do it at some point in our lives.

ginko baloba: haha, i don't think i'm planning to make a profit out of this blog. just hearing compliments like yours is good enough for me :D

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