Thursday, January 11, 2007

Getting Ready For Prom Night

This Friday I am going to attend my very first prom night. Yes folks, I am 21 and I've never been to a prom night. Now before you guys cast me off to loserville, I must tell you all that I spent 19 years in the small town of Tawau. A town where a woman licking ice-cream in public is as good as a five-star porn movie. A town where slight physical contact with the opposite sex is as good as having wild orgasmic sex with them then having 12 babies soon after.

So you could imagine what prom night, where male and female freely mix around, is like to this conservative town I lived in. So when our faculty seniors announced that they were going to organise a prom night together with the education faculty, I was understandably elated.

Ben: Prom night! Wuuuuhuuu! I can see it now; Simple Plan playing on stage, free-flowing alcohol, slutty sophomore girls with their skanky dresses, and boys and girls kissing and making love EVERYWHERE!!
Normie: You watch way too much MTV.

First thing's first, we each had to pick out an outfit to wear. The theme was 'freestyle' meaning anything goes. Adrian thought it would be cool if we exploited the theme by dressing up as superheroes, every one of us. Kim wanted to be Spiderman and Normie always dreamed of being Naruto. Adrian wanted to be the Hulk because he thought it would be cool to paint himself green and rip a tight-fitting shirt every minute during the party. I just thought it was expensive. Me, I wanted to be Cicakman. I just did.

But not wanting the memory of (what could be) my first and last prom night to be in a screwed up justice league, I begged them not to follow through with their idea. So today, we went to City Square and Tebrau City to get some proper prom outfits. The guys surveyed every branded apparel store (Esprit, Guess, Topman, etc.) and I couldn't help but gawk at the price of their apparels. RM200 for a shirt?! As you can tell, I am the type who doesn't believe in owning ANY apparel which is worth more than RM20, before discount.

I was searching high and low for an affordable pair of pants but each shop that I go into, I always come out empty-handed. I just couldn't bring myself to spend RM200 on a pair of pants. Then I finally found one in G2000:

(In the G2000 store)
Ben: RM99 for a pair of pants! It's the cheapest one in this whole shopping mall!
Kim: Ben..
Ben: Hey! Service! Yeah, I want this pants in size 32.
Saleswoman: But the biggest we have is a size 30.
Ben: That's silly. I have the waist of an average man and you don't even have a size for me?!
Saleswoman: Well sir, that's because the pair of pants in this section is meant for WOMEN.
Ben: Oh.
Saleswoman: Unless of course, you're a fat woman. For that may I suggest Lane Bryant.
Kim: This is gold.

That's what happens when you're so used to shopping in supermarkets where the entire floor is dedicated to only ONE gender. Anyway, we spent 6 tiring hours shopping for our outfits and thankfully, all of us got what we wanted. I hope I won't have to do this again anytime soon.



Ben, you can always borrow your dad's suit and alter them to your size if you wanna save those bucks.

By the way, have a great time at the prom!


qiwei: my dad's suit is too big. me wearing it would create a really screwed up mix of formalwear and hiphop.

Haha, you know I will :D

Joash Chan

Speaking of cicakman, you should check this out...

I've not been to a prom before...


hey ben,
Don't speak of Tawau like it's THAT bad. hahaha It just doesn't have hot guys...

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