Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Woman Scorned

Darlene just finished her exam and so I invited her out for lunch over MSN. We chatted a little online but I had to get to bed early because I was tired:

(On MSN)
Sewjin: I have to sleep now.
Darlene: Don't leave! Please accompany me!
Sewjin: But I'm really sleepy now. I'll be accompanying you the whole day tomorrow anyways.
Darlene: It's 12.09am. It's already 'tomorrow'.
Sewjin: Shit.
Darlene: Yay! Now juggle chainsaws for me, damn it.
Sewjin: Tomorrow starting from 1pm. I'm going to sleep now.
Darlene: *Sobs* You.. you.. didn't keep your promise..
Sewjin: Goodnight.
Sewjin: Darlene, I'm sleeping now.
Darlene: WAIT.
Sewjin: What?!
Darlene: Remember that day..
Sewjin: Which day?
Darlene: Ahahahaha. Nothing la. Goodnight.
Sewjin: Budak pukisial.
Sewjin: Goodnight.
Darlene: Say sorry!
Sewjin: (the user is offline)
Darlene: Jahanam!
Sewjin: (the user is offline)
Darlene: Jaga kau esok!

The next day, she gave me directions to her home and I went to pick her up for lunch. Unfortunately, I got caught in a traffic-heavy road:

(On the phone)
Ben: Hey, I think I'm going to be a little late.
Darlene: Caught in traffic?
Ben: Yeah, how did you know? Anyway, it's going to take me half an hour to get out of this one. SO SLOW CAN DIE!!!
Darlene: Ok, now we're even.
Ben: ....... what?
Darlene: It was a 6 o' clock turn at the roundabout. Not 3 o' clock.
Ben: &%$@#*!?%

One moment they're using cutesy emoticons. Next, they're getting you stuck in suicide-inducing traffic jams. Women are scary.


bubbly soda

HAHAHAHA!!! Now that's a 'DON'T MESS WITH WOMEN" lesson! Glad that you've picked it up! Good job Darlene.


melly: -plotting on how to get back at her-


Don't resort to revenge, Ben! Behind every successful man is a woman. U do wanna be successful, don't you? *Smirks*

She is teaching you a lesson that maybe helpful to you in the future. U never know. Hehehehehe! *Evil laughter*


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

You're gonna have to knuckle down and think hard if you want a remote chance of getting back at her with success.

Still, it's Darlene; wtf did you expect?


On the other hand, think of it this way. She wanted to allow you 30 minutes more thinking of her and anticipating finally seeing her ;)



Yes !

I was just trying to be helpful !
U will thank me ...1 day

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