Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Am Brand Conscious, Not

(On MSN)
Sewjin: I am BORED! Let's go hang out somewhere tomorrow.
Eve: But I have too many assignments. Maybe some other time.
Sewjin: Fine. Hey, guess what I did today.
Eve: What?
Sewjin: I counted the number of tiles in my living room.
Eve: ...
Sewjin: 53.
Eve: Meet me tomorrow, 1pm at KLCC.

I bet if I told her that I recounted the tiles 3 times, she'd bring along a marching band and a parade. Eve was just that nice. So what we basically did was chit chat non stop for 3 hours while following her friend (Beiyao) whom was scouring the entire shopping mall for a decent birthday present.

Of course, looking for a decent birthday present in KLCC is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack. EVERYTHING there is so damn expensive especially the clothing apparels. We spent most of the time looking for the cheapest bargain around the place. I tried being smart and looked for the best prices based on brand names:

Ben: Things might be cheaper in that shop there.
Ben: Who in their right mind would wear a shirt named Kookai?
Eve: It's a famous French clothing brand for the ladies!
Ben: Fine. How about that one with the cheapo name?
Ben: It's named after two countries that were at war with each other for 100 years. Anyway, won't most of their clothing line be half brown and half white?
Eve: (Smacks head)
Ben: Oh ok. I'm sure the shirts are dirt cheap in that shop.
Eve: FCUK?!
Ben: It isn't even the right spelling.

Apparently it's not the smartest thing to do. Besides giant sports brands like Nike and Adidas, I have absolutely no knowledge of any other fashion brands. But other than that, thanks Eve for the great afternoon :D



LOL! that really cracked me up..HAHA..>.<, man ur blog rocks


Omg! I like the british india comment! HAHA !!!

Although we din't go into any of the shops mentioned =P Too expensive ler


*Claps hands* Bravo, bravo...

Slamming overpriced brands is always a classic affair. I mean, if misspelling the F-bomb and glorifying Imperialism qualifies a clothing lable to make ridiculous amounts of money; it's about time to ditch my studies for a degree and open up SIHT French-Indochina.

Still, trying to look for bargains in a place like KLCC is akin to finding a virgin in a brothel; much like looking for a needle in a haystack except that you'd have better odds finding the damn needle.

But hey, as long as you had a good time; it's ALL GOOD :)

Wan Yean

we dont blame you, since ure used to wearing banana leaves and animal skin in tawau and the brand names that you're familiar with were maybe FRIM, FELDA, etc.


when u wanna go back jb dude? that place is flooded!


wenli: haha thanks :D

eve: i remembered how u passed a window where a really nice dress was on display. you went, "oooooooooohh" like kena orgasm. hahaha!

wilson: virgin in a brothel, i was looking for an idiom like that!

wanyean: i wear RISDA shirts. eh i dunno la, they say skudai no problem oh so should be ok.


Haha, dude. Here's something cool:

I opened your post on Firefox and the bottom tab says "Just Sewjin: I am Bra..." (rotfl)

I dare say yours is the funniest blog in the whole of blogosphere! :)


cy: wow, thanks a lot man :D


FCUK = French Connection United Kingdom

by the way, the brands that you named are considered to be slightly above moderate brands... wait till you see the prices of GUCCI, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Dior and etc etc

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