Saturday, December 02, 2006

Please Help Me Pack

I'm going on a mini vacation tomorrow with the UTM gang. The initial plan was to spend one night in each of these locations; Penang, Kampar, and finally Genting. 'Initial' because knowing them, we'd probably make some sort of detour or spend one extra night some where. I'm actually counting on it though, I am in need of a looooong vacation.

I love vacations (who doesn't) but one thing that still scares me about it is the packing. Having a reputation of being a worry wart, I tend to overpack in a lot of my trips away from home. I always have these doubts that something might go wrong in a trip and I'd compensate it by bringing extra clothing.

(While packing)
Ben: So that's 3 sets of shirts, pants and underwears. Should be enough for 3 days.
Doubt: What if they prolong the vacation?
Ben: Fine I'll add an extra set.
Doubt: What if it's too hot and you sweat too much?
Ben: Then I'll add one more set.
Doubt: What if it rains and your whole outfit is drenched?
Ben: Ok I'll add another set.
Doubt: What if it's such a fine weather that they want to go out for sports?
Ben: Then I'll add one more set of sporting attire.
Doubt: What if you were caught shoplifting alone and couldn't contact us to bail you out because your cellphone is out of battery and you had to spend a night in jail where your inmates are easily provoked by dark colours?
Ben: That would SO not happen!
Doubt: You'd never know.
Ben: ... Fine, one more set of brightly coloured clothes.

You know what? I wish I was exaggerating (stares at the 8 sets of clothing on my bed).



Ditch the underwear. No one would know, and you'd have more room :P


dude, come on now, you just need:

4 shirts/t-shirts (including the one you are wearing to go there)

1 pair of jeans (the one you will be wearing during the duration)

4 sets of briefs (if vacation is extended, wear them inside out)

1 can body spray (to conceal the smell)



On a separate note, give me a holler when u are in genting. i work here y'know.


Ben, guys don't have nightmares packing! Girls do!

You're the first guy I know who has such problem.

Well, follow din's advice except for the jeans part. Bring another pair of trousers and don't wear your brief inside out for crying out loud! It's so unhygienic and gross. Make it 6 sets of briefs including the one you're wearing!

Cheers and have an enjoyable trip!


cy: underwear is very the important weh!

din: i'll take you advice :D yo, tell me where u at!

qiwei: damn, now i sound like a chick pula :(


OMG!!! U're SOOOO like ME!!!! hahahahahhaha!!!!

2 nights in genting

3 pairs of pants and 4 shirts

sooo overpacked that i made sure i wore each one of them for at least an hour just so i won't feel so stupid!



a neat but not very hygienic trick is turn your underwear inside out and wear them again. this way you can half the number of undies that you need to pack!

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