Thursday, November 30, 2006

Children Never Lie

(4 years ago in a Coffee Shop)

Ben: I swear, my dad asked me to buy this. I don't even smoke!
Shopkeeper: No no, you are under 18 and I cannot sell you cigarettes.
Ben: Look, my dad is sitting inside that (points) car.
Shopkeeper: Good, then tell him to come over and buy his own pack of ciggies.
Ben: Wait, you think I'm lying?

(A little girl approaches the counter)

Little Girl: One pack of Salem please.
Shopkeeper: For your dad I presume. There you go little girl.
Little Girl: I want.. no.. my dad wants the Light one.
Shopkeeper: Oh ok. Let me get that for you. So where's your dad?
Little Girl: He is.. somewhere..
Shopkeeper: Probably waiting for you at the sundry shop next door.
Little Girl: Yeah.. yeah.. that's where he is. See ya. [Walks away while unwrapping the cigarette box and taking out a stick]

Shopkeeper: Isn't she cute?
Ben: You sold a pack of salems to someone 10 years younger than me?!
Shopkeeper: That's for her dad. She said so. Children never lie you know.
Ben: Ok fine, I'm buying this pack of cigarette for my dad too.
Shopkeeper: But you are lying.
Ben: What the.. that little girl was a more obvious liar than me!
Shopkeeper: More? So you do admit you are a liar.
Ben: I.. I..

Children could easily be trained to be bank robbers.



I guess that's what happen nowadays as well...


Yeah, children get away with a lot of things. Surprising though that a shopkeeper in malaysia would grill you that badly for buying a packet of ciggies. Over here they've got a $5,000 minimum find for selling them to underaged folks.

Then again, they won't treat kiddie bank-robbers as seriously though. They'd probably laugh it off and give the little 'un some coins to get more ciggies...

3rd dec

Must be ur eyes...u blink as if u r winking at the shopkeeper...hahaha...
the trip is cancelled due to inevitable circumstances...
hahaha,just kidding.

Hui Sen

Amazing as it is, I don't doubt it happened.

By the way, I've seen a young mum shoplifting by putting items in a bag her little kid was carrying.

Jail by 16. Guaranteed.


"Children could easily be trained to be bank robbers."

Ever watched "Gunslinger Girl"?

Wan Yean

ur steam steam drug addict face with that almost unseen eyes sold u out, at times i do wonder whether u did drugs back then or not.


theangel: hey wassup?

wilson: he did doubt me but he didn't grill me as badly :D yeah it's an exaggerated post.

3rd dec: i'm guessing you're Kim. 67.

hui sen: you didn't ask the mum to "minta tumpang"? bet you have some expensive groceries you'd like to sneak out there too :D

bayi: i googled it. a young girl with parts of her bodies being replaced with machines and trained to kill. sounds nice.

wanyean: _l_ ('o') _l_

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