Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How (Not) To Hack A Vending Machine

(In front of a soft drink vending machine)
Ben: I'm just saying, it's not a very good idea.
Friend: How is it not a good idea? This is a 50 cent coin with a hole drilled right through the centre. Now tied to the hole is this long, elastic string.
Ben: And holding on to that string is an idiot.
Friend: Shush! Now I am going to drop this coin into the vending machine and once the counter goes up, I'll just yank it out and repeat. It's fool-proof!
Ben: Then why are you doing it?
Friend: Fine, you wanna do it?
Ben: Hell no. I'm just here to witness stupidity at work.
Friend: I'm not sharing the rewards with you. [Inserts modified coin into the vending machine]
Ben: Oh look, the counter went up.
Friend: Hah, told you it would work! Now I'll just get the coin out and re-insert it again. [Yanks hard. String breaks]
Ben: ...
Friend: Why aren't you laughing?
Ben: I wanted to. But then I realised that after this moment, I would find nothing else funny anymore.
Friend: Hey no matter, I'll just insert another 70 cent and get myself a drink. No loss. [Insert coins. Hits the Pepsi button. Nothing comes out]
Ben: Oh no. I think I blown my humour fuse.

We've all done some silly things in life haven't we?



That's shoe in the mouth.

s!mp|e chery|

well at least we know that you and your friend have.


Hey, that's what we did during short sem...hahaha.Lucky we din use the steel wire to pull the coin back,might destroy the whole machine...too bad for the guys who craving for soft drink after sports. But hey, there is always the vending machine near the Ko-Q centre.hahaha, those were the days...
p.s :shud hav use the coin for the washing machine...


Vending machine - 1; Ben and friend - 0


mrbherng: got plenty of those around here :D

cheryl: damn right we did! nonono, shouldn't be so proud of it.

last2gohome: heheheheheheh!

cy: forgot to add that after that, my friend started kicking and screaming at the vending machine. what a sight.


Trying to cheat vending machines is like trying to cheat your way into winning the special olympics; a lot harder than you think. Their mechanisms are a bit more complex than they appear to be. What makes you think that the people who design and manufacture the damn things haven't thought of the old string-on-a-coin trick already?

The only idea worst than the string-on-a-coin is attempting to tip the damn things. Thankfully you guys had better sense than that.

It still makes an amusing anecdote.

Wan Yean

maybe because the drink is rm1.30?

Eazy vend

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