Monday, November 27, 2006

My First Blogger's Meet

Have you ever played The Sims or at least seen someone play it before? If you do, I'm sure you'd all notice that there are a series of 'needs' bar that the player has to mantain in order to keep their characters happy. Well yesterday, my 'needs' bar looked something like this:

It's just that I'm so used to being surrounded by my coursemates in the house and also at the faculty back in Skudai but when I return home to KL, it's like ZERO human contact!

Little Sis: Then what am I?
Ben: You're my sister, you're not counted.
Little Sis: How dare you say I'm not counted as human! I am hurt!
Ben: Fine, let's do something together after I'm done blogging ok?
Little Sis: Ok.
Ben: What do you have in mind?
Little Sis: [Takes out her collection of Barbie dolls]

I am in serious need of a social life here in KL. Fortunately right before I was about to leap off my balcony (fuck no I'm playing Barbie dolls), Eve invited me to a mini blogger's meet held at Midvalley. Yay, my first blogger's meet! (Does a cartwheel, hands weaken halfway, lands on the head, skull breaks open, dies) I was just excited to get out the house.

So we met up at the centre court, introduced ourselves and decided on having dinner at Dominoes. During the meet I spent most of the time chatting with Eve and her friend Cristal, mostly about studies and hometowns. Ivan, Mike, Kelz, Natalie and Cheryl on the other hand were reminiscing about their wacky clubbing experiences. I never felt older or outdated in my life.

At one point, Cheryl decided to join us (the old group) and chatted about the blogosphere:

Cheryl: So what blogs do you guys read?
Ben: I read some. [More like every single blog in Malaysia, you lifeless liar!]
Cheryl: Do you read Jasiminne's?
Ben: Read? You don't 'read' Jasiminne's blogs. You download her pictures and store them in a special folder in your computer.
Cheryl: ...
Ben: But now that she doesn't update her blog anymore, I'm so out of fresh photos. ... Hey, do you post semi-revealing pictures of yourself in your blog?
Cheryl: (Shifts uncomfortably)

Maybe I shouldn't be so direct. Halfway through our dinner, Asyraf made a rather interesting late appearance. He came complaining of a hang-over.. at 8pm at night. Aah, the funny people you meet in the city. He was slurring his words the entire night but still he's great to talk with.

All in all, the meet was short but great. I'm sorry though I didn't get to talk with some of you guys there, could be the long table sitting arrangement. Thanks for an otherwise dull night. Photos here.



In the past, I would've balked and belittled the idea of a bloggers meet. However, it would be interesting to meet the person behind the writings.

These things are surprisingly huge to an extent; with movie premiers and music gigs targetted specifically towards myspace users in recent times...

Wan Yean

"So what blogs do you guys read?"

"I read some."

What kinda answer is that? The only appropriate respond should be

"I fking flood wanster's!"


wilson: Exactly, I actually got goosebumps when I saw them for the first time in the flesh. Like a bunch of celebrities.

wanyean: oi budak, so are you back into blogging or not?


Ben has a fetish for sexy penguins. Lol.

s!mp|e chery|

hey ben!

it was really nice meeting you that day.

And yes i have to agree, ben has a thing for penguins =D which means that I'm not going to replace her..haha XD


cy: i admire pretty things ok? heheh!

cheryl: u say not replacing means not replacing meh? cannot. u are replacing and that's final :D

Wan Yean

sei ham sap lou.

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