Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Meet The Relatives

Meeting up with your relatives can be a rather tedious affair. Take yesterday's family barbeque for example:

Auntie: Ben, when am I going to meet your girlfriend?
Ben: Sorry auntie, I don't have one.
Auntie: (Whispers to husband: I told you he's gay)

(Cantonese in italics)
Uncle 1: Long time no see Ben. So how's life?
Ben: ...
Uncle 1: Sigh, you still can't listen or speak Cantonese.
Ben: ...
Uncle 1: (While nodding and smiling) You're a fat tub of lard, aren't you?
Ben: (Nods and smiles)
Uncle 1: Heheh.

Uncle 2: You're Rickie's kid right?
Ben: Yeah.
Uncle 2: Where are you studying?
Ben: UTM.
Uncle 2: Where?
Ben: It's a public university.
Uncle 2: (Awkward silence) Well I'd like you to meet my son who just came back from London. He's taking up a degree in medicine.
Ben: Hello.
Uncle 2: He is much much smarter than you.

Always the same damn thing. I tell you, I am so close to breaking down emotionally after each family gathering.



Hehe, have to really get use to it Ben!


I know how it feels, especially my mother side. Bleargh~!

Screw them and let them go boast about their children, while you continue to pwn in blogsphere.

bubbly soda

well things like that are the cause of why teengers and young adult hates family gathering. It's like going to some kind of competition. sigh...

Hui Sen

I look like either one of my parents depending on which gathering I'm at. Apparently, you should study in England (where everyone else went) as it is a better choice than Australia (where I went). At least now all the concern is now shifted to when I'm going to get married.

"When are you going to get married?"

Alternatively - "When are you going to make your papa a grandfather? (mummy a grandmother? - depending on which side of the family I'm at)

"Not just yet."

"Do you even have a girlfriend?"


"You're how old already?"


That's when they turn sympathetic eyes to one of my parents. Of course, depending on which side's gathering I'm at.


lols just ignore them :)


~theangel~: NEVER!

jason: haha I could imagine:

Ben: Eh! At least I own a blog!
Relative: What's a blog?
Ben: An online.. er.. diary..
Relative: My son published a book.

bubbly soda: damn right it is. just a lame competition.

hui sen: shit, now i have to worry about the marriage question :(

et: it's hard to.


Lets face it; human beings are naturally competitive. Before anybody starts saying that "not everybody is painted from the same brush", to every rule there are always exceptions that define it. Even the less competetive like me are often herded and goaded on by the majority.

Family reunions/gatherings or any form of reunion is a prime example of that. Most prepare a list of achievements they can mention off the cuff in conversation. Whether it's "my son is better than your son" or "check out the jag I picked up at the dealership today", there's no denying that competetive streak we all carry deep inside.


Just smile and walk off. Who cares.

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