Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't Push La!

The sliding door opens and immediately, hoardes of people charge at you like a tsunami wave. Not wanting to give in, you'd also violently charge at them in the opposite direction. Sure some might grunt and mumble but you ignore them, passing them off as weak. Plus.. they started it.

We've all experienced it before, if not a bit too often especially in overcrowded KTM trains. Funny thing is I've never minded this scene at all. KL is a busy city filled with busy people and everyone needs to be somewhere in a hurry. I actually condoned all this pushing and shoving because I thought that's what was needed to get about and succeed in this city, full-blown aggression.

Last week though, something happened that completely changed my mindset. I was caught in another tussle as I made my way out of the train (as usual) when suddenly a man standing beside me blew his top and yelled, "Hey, let the people inside get out of the train first la!" And what happens next shocked even myself: Absolutely nothing happened. In fact, they started pushing even harder.

Have we become so involved in the city's tight rat race that even when a mouse stops and squeaks, the others would just dismiss and trample all over him? I was determined to get some answers. Question: Do we really need to push and shove to get on and off a train?:

Man: Duh. How do you think I got into this train?
Woman: Definitely. How do you think I got this seat?
Teenager: I mean since everyone is doing it right?
Molester: Well it makes things easier for me.
Pickpocket: Me too.

Everyone seems to think that jostling our way in and out a train is necessary. Sigh. Look on the bright side, at least some of them are reaping the rewards.


Sensual Sophia

We are Asians, we have zilch manners, what do you expect?


sensual sophia: i expected more from a city.


It's the Malaysian mentality, you don't see such things in the UK, people queue everywhere. No rushing, no pushing and no hurry.


Try taking the Hong Kong MTR during rush-hour. All the epidemics starting there makes sense to me now. Even without the pushing and shoving it's still gonna be crowded as hell.

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