Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cuti Cuti Malaysia (3/3): Genting Highlands

On the way to Genting, we had to endure 60km of poorly maintained road after exiting the highway. It has quite a number of humps and potholes. Now this wouldn't be so much as a problem if it weren't for the fact that we were sitting right at the back of the bus. Every mild swerve and bump is increased tenfolds back there that the ride almost felt like a Genting Theme Park preview. Coupled with my overloaded urinary bladder, it can make for a really uncomfortable ride.

Ben: Must hold it in..
(Passes a road bump)
Ben: Urrrggh~
(Passes a pothole)


(Crosses a river)
I can't take this anymore..

(Passes a toilet bowl shop)

Ben: Now this is just ridiculous.

That's why I was SO relieved when we finally reached our destination:

Oh yeah and an hour later, we arrived at Genting's First World Hotel. It was 3pm when we checked in. We are leaving first thing in the morning so it meant that we had to rush our activities. So instead of getting a long-deserved rest from the tiring 6 hour journey after checking in, we just threw our bags into the room and spent the entire afternoon at the outdoor theme park.

I've been to Genting 3 times before but I've never once been to the outdoor theme park, until today of course. See, I have an innate fear of heights and I was afraid I would pass out halfway through a ride. But when your friends decide to take you on a guilt trip, you can pretty much forget about any phobias you had and just give in:

Fei Cai: Accompany me la. It's my first time.
CK: You're here already, such a waste if you don't go on at least one ride.
Kim: You chicken shit.
Wanyean: I'll blog about your chicken-ness.

All their efforts did not go to waste because I had an AWESOME time at the theme park! I sat on the Spinner, Cyclone, Super Toboggan, Bumper Boats, Flying Coaster and Corkscrew (4 times!!). Yeah I know, "Where's Space Shot?". Seeing those people being lifted 185 feet in the air and then dropped right back down to earth screaming and shouting for their lives, so scary! I'm just not up to it.. yet.

After 6 hours of frolicking around the theme park, we had dinner and then went back to the room to shower. After that, everyone put on our best attire and hairstyle then headed straight to the casino. Our first time in a casino! Sadly enough I lost RM40 on that night. Whatever happened to beginner's luck?! The loss wouldn't have hurt so badly if not for the fact that EVERYONE ELSE WON! Some even gained up to RM70. Aaargh! THEY TOOK MY MONEY!

I wanted to release stress and the rest wanted to spend their "hard earned" cash so we did the only thing there is left to do at 11pm in Genting Highlands. We went clubbing! Besides the story of Wanyean almost picking up two hot chicks in one night and I got approached by a gay man, there really isn't much to talk about. Really, there isn't. MOVING ON.

We danced and danced till the night ended for us at 3am. Everyone went back to the room tired but definitely smiling right till we hit the hay. Some (stares at Fei Cai) were even snapping away to the tunes of Sexy Back halfway through their slumber. He was friggin' sleep-snapping! Though it was annoying, you gotta admit it was kinda funny.

And that folks, concludes the Cuti-Cuti Malaysia series of my semester 3 holiday. This has to be the most memorable trip I've ever been to in a very long time and I'm definitely looking forward to our Redang trip next semester :D

Back in KL, I couldn't stop grinning as I was recalling everything that happened during the vacation. Then on my way up to my floor, there were two kids in the lift with me. After they've reached their floor, they ran out of the lift while saying to me, "Thank you uncle!".


Screw the trip, I look OLD! Aaaaaahhh!

Pictures of part 3 here.



I see you didn't get to bump into me. Dammit.

I am usually around the games arcade.


din: damn, i passed that area like twice. Actually I thought I could've spotted you in the genting staff canteen (our friend sneaked us in). Haha, too bad.

-Princess Shin-

Looks like you guys really had lots of fuN! =) Which club did u go? I remember going to one of them during new year's eve. It was a blast!

Happy Holidays!


-princess shin-: yeah we did! we went to Safari, it's actually the only club there. Happy Holidays to you too :D


Safari club?
Where is it?
The one last time I went to kl, I went to this club called Thai Club. Packed. But sucks. =D

Any recommendations?


So u wan the pic eh,then faster activate ur bluetooth...hahaha
If u wan the pic then u have to wait for wanster to post it in his blog...muahahaha...
Maybe i post the video in youtube..hehehe


Oh gosh! The Space Shot in Genting! I sat on it once and vow to myself never to take that ride again....a terrifying experience.

I love Cockscrew and the Flying Coaster, though. I'm sure you had a terrific time in Genting!


keer: safari club is in Genting. i forgot the name of the hotel alrdy. the more high class one la not first world. for kl, i have no idea where to go. maybe zouk or maison.

kim: come online and send!!!

qiwei: that's what one of my fren said. an hour later, he sat on it again. then said the same thing. :D yeah i had a fun time in genting.


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