Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Romanians Have Bad Taste

Instant messaging can be fun:

(On MSN)
Wanyean: You changed your template!
Sewjin: I changed it a long time ago.
Wanyean: I wanna change mine too but it's too much trouble. Where did you get that template from?
Sewjin: It's no trouble at all.


Wanyean: Praesent in augue a ligula convallis congue. Praesent eu augue non arcu faucibus dignissim. Proin ac sem. Sed quis urna et massa fermentum vestibulum.
Sewjin: ...................
Sewjin: Did you just have some sort of verbal diarhea?
Wanyean: You sent me to a Totally Spies website!
Sewjin: I did?
Wanyean: And it's in Romanian!
Sewjin: I'm looking at our chat history. I did send you the right URL.
Wanyean: Romanians watch it too. But that show stinks!
Sewjin: Wait a minute, I think I know what's wrong.
Wanyean: Romanians have bad taste.
Sewjin: I missed an "s" in the URL. It's supposed to be
Wanyean: Oh.



Luckily it's Totally Spies and not Totally something-else, eh? ;)


cy: totally :D

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