Sunday, November 12, 2006

There Is No Bright Side

Studying for 2 hours straight can be stressful. That's why halfway through our books, Adrian and I started blurting out nonsense to ease the tension:

(Studying in the living room)
Ben: Women have chocolates, what do men have?
Adrian: I have no idea what you are talking about.
Ben: You know, like a substitute for sex. Women say that eating chocolates are as good as sex for them. I'm just wondering what are men's alternative for sex.
Adrian: Oh.
Ben: What about beer? Does downing a tall one feel anything like sex?
Adrian: Sigh. You need to get laid.
Ben: I know. Sigh.
Adrian: Well look on the bright side, you could have some fun with your virginity.

(Start dream sequence: In the exam hall)

Ben: [Raises hand] Sir!
Lecturer: Yes?
Ben: I don't know how to do this question. This is like sex to me! (snickering)
Lecturer: ...
Ben: Can you teach me? (snickering)
Lecturer: How did you find out about me?
Ben: Huh?
Lecturer: Meet me out back in 5 minutes. You've heard how I like it; from behind, tongue only, no kissing.

(End dream sequence)

Adrian: You need to get laid.
Ben: I know. Sigh.



Ew! U dream of hitting on your guy lecturer? O.o


not i want one!


ben.. i din knw u were TAT desperate.... hahaha >_<


Downing a tall one may not feel exactly like sex but after working you way through enough of them, you'd forget about what anything feels like anyway which I reckon is just as good.

Besides being a social lubricant, the elixir for good times and bad, a solid way to promote good cheer, a relaxant, the answer to some of life's more perplexing and heart-wrenching problems...

No, downing a tall one doesn't simulate sex, despite all it's wonderful and beneficial qualities.

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