Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's The Sexy Dress

In today's news, a City Hall security officer was caught zooming in on a journalist's thighs using the City Hall's CCTV camera. When the Penang Municipal Council president was questioned on this matter he sternly replied, "If the dress was not sexy, the incident would not have happened."

In other news, robbers are suing rich locals and every bank in Malaysia for tempting them to do what they do. Besides that, local arsonists are also blaming Malaysian buildings for being so flammable and kerosenes for being so easy to obtain. And recently, all local murderers are released from jail because according to a statement incurred by the press, "if they weren't in the way of their weapons, they wouldn't be killed in the first place".



well said.. haha.. really wuliao la..
blame d women instead of the security officer who so gatal to zoom on her thigh.. PLEASE la.. all formal wear oso d skirt above knee la!!!


hell lot of stupid


That's the stupid Council president's reply. The technician manning the camera said he didn't know how to adjust the new equipment. Aiyoh, Penang is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.


Another blogger, palmdoc, said it best - "Sexy dress, or dirty mind?"

According to The Star, the company that installed the system asserted that the technician IS able to control the camera.


Genius, nothing like an inconsiderate reply off the fly to tick off feminists and women across the nation.

I knew a man who worked in PR. He told me that the secret to being good at a PR job is "...installing a filter between your brain and your mouth."

There has been quite a few statements of this nature. You put it best, blame the banks for robberies and blame flammable materials for arson.

In the first place, how did this sh!t even make the news or warrant attention? Its inevitable that heterosexual men like to admire good female form now and again and chicks, don't deny you haven't taken a sideways glance at a good set of washboard toned abs. Blowing it out of proportion just seems petty to me. Personally, as long as it doesn't cross the line to harrasment and physical violations, its not too much of a big deal.

But regardless, comments like that are uncalled for in any case. It only reflects badly on the person running their mouth without thinking and it only serves to piss people off and leave the twit wide open to ridicule.

-Princess Shin-

It's so ironical right?!!! I hate all this people! Hypocrites! Argh!!! How can we churn out respecting citizens with ministers like this? TERRIBLE!


That's the stupidest excuse I've heard (but then recently a lot of that's being going around)... Sigh.


pyin: actually if u do some searching, the skirt is only at knee-length. i think the security got very good imagination.

fishtail: it's his job! how could he not know?! sigh.

anonymous: seems like a lot of bloggers are talking about it. The amount of PPS pings on this topic are crazy.

wilson: yeah u are right, it really isn't a big deal. it's just that the security was caught red-handed, ogling at women thighs, in malaysia, in malaysia, in malaysia.

princess shin: politicians are all crooked regardless of countries. ours are just not very smart with words.

cy: nah this is not the stupidest. this is one of the many.

The technician claim he can't control the camera.
Maybe the president also can't control the council?
And hence 300 of the council cars are without valid road tax disc for the last 2 years?


The prisoners in the UK had just made an out of court settlement with the UK Home Office after the prisoners had sued the Home Office for not allowing them to take drugs in jail.
You are telling nothing but the truth.


HAHAHA!! damn good point! *thumbs up*

you deserve a chocolate medal (because I'm a cheapskate)

they never seem to learn do they? there wasn't even a short skirt involved, for goodness sake. just a fucking gatal technician

Joash Chan

haha. Good one, Ben. Did you read the news today? He's saying that he was misquoted. And he went on to emphasize that they have to look into the dress code...

I can't wait for the next laughable excuse...

Hui Sen

Reminds me of the happy muslim decree that women get raped because they're asking for it in one way or another.

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