Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Song Stuck In My Head

I love studying with the music on. Nothing like a string of sweet melodies to flush away all my suicidal tendencies that comes from hours of force-feeding my brain with insane amounts of facts and formulas. But I've never actually done it so close before the actual exam time. I usually like finish up ALL my revisions a day before the exam to avoid rushing myself. So that means I have at least 8 hours to clear my head of any addictive tunes.

Today was different because I was too sleepy the night before and so I decided to wake up early this morning (an hour before exam time) to look over my exam notes. Instinctively, I powered up winamp and let Mraz's songs flutter my earlobes throughout my quick revision period. Of course, it proved costly:

(30mins later, in the exam hall)

Intellectual Ben: First I've gotta find the magnetic field strength.
Musical Ben: [Singing] "The wonderful thing it does because, because I am the wizard of ooh's and ah's and fa-la-la's"
Intellectual Ben: What the.. concentrate! Now what's the formula for magnetic flux?
Musical Ben: [Singing] "Well you're magic he said but don't let it all go to your head coz I bet if you all had it all figured out then you'd never get out of bed.."
Intellectual Ben: Hey MB, SHUT UP!
Musical Ben: Oh what are you gonna do? [Singing] "Down to the other side its easy of you only try we don't lie down on the job because once we hit the top there's NO STOPPING US."
Intellectual Ben: That's it, I can't work like this. See ya! -poof-
Musical Ben: Hey IB where are you going? I wanna come too! -poof-

(Tumbleweed blows by Ben's abandoned brain space)

Ben: [Staring blankly at the exam paper, mouth wide opened, saliva dripping]

Have you ever had your entire brain bail on you during exam? Aaargh!



er, what's the song?


man, that sucks.

Joash Chan

I can't study with music on... Cause it's just so much more attractive than the text book.


simon: heheh, yeah the title should be 'an entire album' stuck in my head.

cy: tell me about it :(

joash chan: ANYTHING is more attractive than text books; the bed, the internet, the colour of my ceiling wall.. music just keeps me focused on TWO things only which is music and studies. If not, my mind would be all over the place.


so sueh la read things like this on the eve of my finals! i hope reading doesn't subconsciously jinxes me *worried paranoid face*


nylusmilk: misery loves company :D


i know exactly how that feels!!! happens to me too. well at least you don get tempted to sing along when the music plays. tried studying with music but got distracted by the lyrics every 2.5681 minute

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