Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Definition of Manliness

Sometimes I can't help but think that men are becoming more feminine as time goes by:

(Kim, Wanyean and I were coming out from a shop. I spotted a really hot chick out of the humongous crowd that was passing by)
Wanyean: So where do you wanna go now?
Ben: I think we got all we needed, let's head home.
Ben: Did you..
Wanyean: Hell yeah, I totally did! I thought YOU didn't notice!
Ben: I did! I did!
Wanyean: Isn't she just drop dead gorgeous?!
Ben: Plus she was in a nurse's outfit. I almost wanted to fake a heart attack right then and there!
Wanyean: OMG, I'm hyperventilating!

(Picture Ben & Wanyean in schoolgirl outfits jumping up and down while flapping their arms and squeaking)

Kim: Both of you are pathetic.
Kim: [Walks past a hobby shop] Aaaaaahhhh!
Ben: What happened?
Kim: The new gundam model is out! Isn't it so very beautiful?!
Ben: It's okay.
Kim: It's perfect! OMG OMG OMG, I can't breathe!

Guys these days can't even be 'manly passionate' about anything anymore, not even chicks. Now, imagine two guys 'manly' talking about football in a mamak:

Man 1: He scored.
Man 2: Indeed.
Man 1: [Thumps chest]
Man 2: [Kills a dog and takes it home for breakfast]

I miss the good ol' days.



Hmm... You made Wanyean sound so feminine. (Good job!)


Blame it on the whole metrosexual outlook being espoused non-stop.

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