Friday, November 03, 2006

I Am 21

Organising my 21st birthday party was so much fun. Kim, Wanyean & I needed to get clean drinkable and the only way to do it in such short notice was to gather 20 empty 7-up bottles from around the house and head to the nearest water dispensing machine in Skudai. But I got thirsty:

(In the car waiting for Ben, after done filling up the 20 bottles)
Wanyean: Where is Ben? We gotta head back home quick.
Kim: He went to get some carbonated drinks from that sundry shop.
Ben: Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I'll just throw these in the back.


Kim: Ben, what did you get?
Ben: I got us two bottles of 7-up.
Everyone: [Looks at the 22 bottles of 7-up behind]
Ben: Oh no.

Trouble loomed hours before the party when rained started pouring. Luckily it stopped minutes before we were supposed to start the fire. The party itself was filled with whacky conversations such as this gem:

Mak: Why aren't there any girls in this party?!
Ben: I actually thought of inviting my two girl-friends over but I remembered that you'd also be coming.
Mak: Why me?
Ben: I know you. You'd start teasing and making fun of them.
Mak: Hey, I resent that remark. I'm a gentleman, ok? Hey who is THAT girl.
Ben: That's Lilian, Normie's girlfriend.
Mak: Ahahaha that's a funny name! Lilian, LeileiOh. Hey, hey LEI-LEI-OH-SI (Come take a crap)!
Ben: Sigh.

Too poor to get a proper BBQ set

Then came the part where they really 'celebrated' my birthday. I had the same birthday as one of my coursemates, Khai, so it wasn't a focus fire event (thank god!). They made both of us consume a god-awful cookie and we had to try to guess the ingredients used. I only got 3 out of 13 right. The answer was salt,nescafe, milo, corn, flour, cornflour, vegetable oil, chocolate milk, egg, soy sauce, vinegar,orang juice, tomato sauce.

Eat or else..

Then everyone called it a truce and took a group picture.

YEAH RIGHT! Look at my unsuspecting face! (Click to enlarge)

Right after the camera shutters went off, everyone started flinging the leftover dough used to make the shitty cookie at Khai and me! I momentarily snapped and grabbed the huge bucket of punch, swinging it at anyone who comes near (I remembered dumping a huge one on CK) Then the curious side of me kicked in and I took a sniff of ALL the dough I collected with my hands. OMG, the smell was so awful I PUKED right then there. I can't believe I ATE that! Everyone were laughing their heads off when they saw me on my knees regurgitating at the nearby gutter. Aaaargh!

I know I should look more pissed, I think the smell got to me.

They got me a cake from Secret Recipe which was oh-so-good! Then they wanted to pull another prank on me during the cake cutting ceremony:

Kim: Smash his face onto the cake!

Haha, we're such cheap bastards. The party ended on a high-note where the guys were still laughing (at me) as they rode back to their hostels. The housemates and I then had a small after-party where we all got wasted till the early morning on Jack Daniels (compliments of my Dad). All in all, it was a great birthday. More photos of the event here.

P/S: I would like to thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday on my blog. It made my hangover the next day a little less painful :D



hey congrats dude. where is my cake? and i don't mean the one coming out your ass.


Happy birthday man! :D I want to eat TGIF :D.


On you, of course. :P


Happy Bday!
Praying for your safety


dude.. such coincidence, my birthday is today too! happy birthday!


happy birthday benny boy XD I'm not getting u a pressie until u get me one XD

Joash Chan

happy birthday to you.


Happy 21st! It's one of the increasingly rare times in life where you have the god-given responsiblity to get completely sh!t-faced drunk off your rocker. If not, well, your friends have the burden of that responsiblity.

I would've happily carriedthat burden on my shoulders but alas, geographical constraints have conspired to keep me from doing just that.

Still, Happy 21st Birthday!


hey happy 12st burpday!! ^___^


oops.. i meant 21st.. typo error.. :)


FARK U! tak malu maximum go post about ur birthday on ur blog hoping that people will wish you a happy birthday and good wishes etc.etc..


haha... Happy birthday dude. And best of luck surviving it. ;)



Hey Ben,

Happy 21st birthday. Can see you had a wonderful time. May all your dreams come true!

Cg ~


Wow! What a fab celebration. Glad you have lots of fun! Happy 21st birthday once again!

P.S. Oh gosh! I love Secret Recipe cakes!!!! They are sell the best cakes in the whole wide world!!!!




Just turned 21? Man, you're slow :P





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