Thursday, November 09, 2006

Auctioning At A Hawker Stall

I had an interesting experience during dinner time today. They were having a crystal auction at the hawker stall and I don't mean they're having the event somewhere nearby. I mean they're actually having it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the hawker stall! Imagine having to hear "Going once, going twice, sold!" over and over again as you're having your dinner. Not the most appetizing of situations but like I said, it was interesting.

The auctioneer would pick a crystal from his truck and place it on the stage for everyone to see. Then he would describe the meaning and purpose of the each of the crystals. Sometimes there's even a story behind them. After all that comes the auctioning. The auctioneer would state the opening bid and bidders start raising their hands to signify price increase. Of course, the highest bidder wins.

Now here's the problem. If you have no intention of participating in the auction, you have to be really careful so as not to accidentally raise your hands. That of course is hard to do because raising your hands is the only way to get the waiter's attention around the crowded hawker stall. Imagine this happening:

(Hawker stall)
Ben: [Raises hand] Hey waiter! One glass of sugarcane juice, please.
Ben: [Raises hand] Hey waiter! Could you help me order a plate of chicken rice.
Ben: [Raises hand] Hey waiter! Is that a plate of chicken rice? Over here!
Ben: [Raises hand] Hey waiter! I'd like one more bowl of rice.
Auctioneer: So where's your car?
Ben: Huh?
Auctioneer: No it's ok. I'll personally carry these crystals to your car. It's the least I can do after you've purchased half of my crystal collection, each for a generous price even.
Ben: But I..
Auctioneer: I would like to express my sincerest gratitude on behalf of my dying wife and 10 starving children. [Hands over the bill]
Ben: !!!

I wouldn't want that to happen so I had to resort to other means of demanding for service:

(Hawker stall)
Ben: Er hello? [Taps table] Hello? [Bangs table] HELLO?!
Waiter: Yes?
Ben: Oh finally. I would like [raises finger] one glass of sugarcane.
Auctioneer: So where's your car?
Ben: You've got to be kidding.

Interesting but frustrating.



Eh, those fuckers went to Skudai already ah... LOL. It was at my place few months back.


Oh gosh! How irritating! They definitely chose the wrong place to auction. I thought the Majlis Perbandaran should be doing something about this


Auctions now? Whatever happened to good ol' fashioned peddling? Man, I thought those table-to-table guys were annoying...

Interesting though, the thought of some cad mistaking a noodle store for Sotheby's.


jason: So they're like gypsies.

qiwei: can, they can do one. just that, to them, it's always a holiday or a coffeebreak.

wilson: i wouldn't be suprised. a hawker stall is now more like a multi-purpose centre.

Joash Chan

I think if Chow Kit realised this idea, they would do the same with prostitutes...


Well, at least now you have the gratitude of 11 other people xD


joash: thailand could've already done that.

cy: i am so soft.

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