Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why I Am Here In UTM

It's a fact that no parent with the money and the right mind and the money and the M-O-N-E-Y would even consider sending their child to a Malaysian public university. Hence, most undergraduates here come from a poor financial background. More often than not it also means that their parents never got very far, education-wise:

(After the final period)
Ben: Another day, another homework, another assignment, another test. Sigh. Come la, let's quit our studies. Why bother going for a degree, everyone has one anyway.
Normie: No, I want to do my family proud! I want people to say, "A Yap graduated from a Malaysian public university".
Ben: Woah, that would be awesome.
Normie: Did you know that my both my parents were only educated till Form 3? I wanna show the world that I got to where I am now all by myself!
CK: That's nothing. My dad only got till Standard 6 and my mum never went to school.
Normie: How about you, Ben?
Ben: Both my parents studied till Form 5.
CK & Normie: Wa, they got so far? Hahaha! [Teasing] Ben's parents are smart, Ben's parents are smart, Ben's parents are smart.
Ben: ... something is very very wrong here.

Anyway, I'm glad Normie reminded me of why I'm here. Sure my family had the money and I could already be doing my final year at Nottingham's by now. But I'd rather wait 2 more years just so I can shout out loud, "I friggin' graduated from a Malaysian public university!".



good for u! ;)

-Princess Shin-

Nice that you feel that way... Public universities really teach us something different.. sort of to respect your own country and be more patriotic.. that's how i feel.. =)


kris: yeah! -pumps fist-

princess shin: u went to a public uni?


I'm in agreement with the general sentiment. One of the few good things to come out of graduating from a public Malaysian university is that it's a badge of honour for some *cough*RACIAL MINORITIES*cough*cough* to be able to not just qualify for the shool system but also survive it and actually make something for themselves.

Public university students, WE SALUTE YOU!!!

-Princess Shin-

I was..Hehe.. actually learned to get used to it di... but tat's not really wat i want.. so left di.. =(

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