Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Prayer For Parallel Parking

Parallel parking can be a nightmare to most drivers out there. It's the one driving manouvre that requires quick pedal, brake and gear shifting action combined with a very keen perception of depth. Kim has been driving for 3 years and of course, all the gear shifting and clutch control has already become second nature to him. Yet, he is still terrified of parallel parking.

Even if there's a parallel spot right at the entrance of the coffeeshop, he would still go for that slide-in parking spot 3 blocks away. It can be really frustating at times to take a long walk to the shop and then see some other car claim that parallel spot in less than 5 seconds. So yesterday, we MADE him parallel park:

Ben: Ok here's a spot (parallel).
Kim: It's too small.
Ben: That spot could fit half a truck!
Adrian: Come on just park here, it's right in front of the shop. The next empty spot is (looks ahead) none.
Kim: Fine! (Reverses the car slowly into the parking spot)
Adrian: Dude, you're sweating.
Kim: Shut up! (Trying to get a clearer view of the front bumper) Please don't hit, please don't hit, please don't hit.
Ben: ... Your driving instructor must be a very religious man.

Oh well, things could be worse:

(Me as a passenger on an airplane that's ready for take-off)
Pilot: This is your captain speaking, please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for take-off... Please take off, please take off, OMG PLEASE FUCKING TAKE OFF!
Ben: Kim?
Pilot/Kim: Oh, hey Ben! ... Damn it, I forgot to shut off the mic again. Can you tell me how many people are left in the cabin this time?
Ben: None, not even the deaf guy sitting beside me. I guess he could still see the fear in the eyes of the other 200 passengers around him. Hey I'm a little late for my meeting so I'll just re-engage the emergency exits and we could be on our way?
Kim: Sure, thanks man.



Parallel Parking is a b!tch. Its not exactly impossible for myself but I view it more as a hassle especially when there's "just enough" room for a snug fit.

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