Monday, October 02, 2006

My One Heck Of A Futsal Team

It was a busy and fun weekend. Last Saturday, we went for the Mooncake Eve Celebration and the day after, we participated in a whole-day futsal competition. Top football players from around UTM gather to pit their mad skills against each other where eventually, only one team will emerge victorious.

Every team that played ran after the ball like their life depended on it and the goalkeepers didn't seem to mind putting their bodies through some major punishments just to prevent the ball from entering their nets. That was the other teams. Then we have OUR team (Ahmeng was our captain):

(Pep talk)
Ahmeng: Now all you have to do is chase down anyone who crosses our half with the ball.
Ben (Defender): Don't worry! I'll defend my half like Roger Federer, dribble it up ala' Vince Carter and then strike a hole-in-one, Tiger Woods style!
Ahmeng: It's been a while since you've played football, huh?
Ben: Those were just random names I heard before switching from dad's ESPN to my Cartoon Network.

(Watching the match)
Kim (Goalkeeper): Hahahahaha!

Ahmeng: What are you laughing at?
Kim: Look at that goalkeeper, he's not wearing the right attire.
Ahmeng: Maybe he handles the ball better without gloves on.

Kim: It's not just the gloves.
Ahmeng: What else, padded shirts?
Kim: Er...

(Watching the match)
Wanyean (Midfield): I am bored. When is it going to be our turn?
Ahmeng: Two more matches after this one.
Wanyean: Aaawww! ... Itu dia Shukor Adan dengan bola untuk pasukan Selangor. Betapa banyaknya skil yang ditunjukkan oleh beliau. Pasukan lawan tidak dapat menghentikan Kaki Seribu Bayangnnya!
Ahmeng: What are you doing?!
Wanyean: I'm commentating.
Ben: I wanna join! Budak berbaju oren dengan gayanya menghantar bola kepada ahli pasukan.
Wanyean: Oren? Kita orang sebut jingga la!
Ben: Jenga?
Wanyean: Jingga bukan jenga la, bangang! Itu mainan budak kecil!
Ben: Cis, berani kau panggil saya 'bangang' di depan peminat-peminat setia saya!
(Everyone on the court staring at Wanyean & Ben)

It's obvious that we joined the competition just for fun. At the end of the day, our team lost 1, drew 1 and won 1. Not too bad, huh? Now, we need nothing less than a win from our next match on Wednesday. Sigh. Wish us luck!


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