Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Unromantic Friend

(Driving home from dinner)
CK: I think I am becoming less romantic.
Ben: Why do you say that?
CK: Back then when I go after a girl, I used to write letters, buy flowers, give presents and go on fine-dining. Even before she was my girlfriend, I'd willingly do them.
Ben: Thrill of the chase is better than the bird in the hand, huh?
CK: Exactly. Now, there's no thrill whatsoever! Now it's like meet a girl, get her contact number, text message her for 2 days, pop the question and ta-da, she's mine.
Ben: That easy?
CK: Here's the messed up part; despite the dull unromantic approach, most of them would usually say yes. Like they are also as desperate as we are. There's no 'challenge' anymore.
Ben: Ok Mr. 6 exs, it's time for you do to the obvious.
CK: Take a break from the dating scene?
Ben: Turn gay.
CK: ...
Ben: Well think about it, what's more challenging than courting the opposite sex? Courting one from our OWN gender!
CK: ...
Ben: And to make things even more challenging, go for a straight guy!
CK: ...
Ben: Once you bag that straight guy, your parents can finally brag to their relatives, "My son can have ANYONE he wants."
CK: I am never opening up to you again.
Ben: It was worth it.





*twitch*.. ben.. u aren't....hinting him to bag u.... are u??



Knowing you and knowing the kind of question being posed; in a sense, he was asking for it :P


jason: i know! dunno why ck couldn't see the humour in it.

pyin: i still have hope in the opposite sex, dun worry :D

wilson: like bee to honey.


I can think of no better reply :)

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